10 Ways to Be Optimistic in Your Life to Bring Prosperity


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Optimism is more than just a silly idea for foolish people. It actually has an impact on your prosperity, motivation, and outlook on yourself, life, and the people you know. You can even use optimism to better the lives of those you work with, in the workplace or in your personal life.

If you want to learn how to be optimistic and bring more prosperity to any aspect of your life, read on to learn the ten best ways to do so.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Challenging negative thoughts is the number one goal you’re going to want to get down if you want to try to be a more optimistic person. It means identifying negative thoughts and non-factual ideas that simply serve to disarm you or hurt you.

Surprisingly, as people, we actually hurt ourselves with our minds a lot. Even if you believe that optimism is foolish and unrealistic, negative words do have an impact. In fact, this study done in the Journal of Sport and Exercise shows that negative self-talk worsens your performance.

So, there’s no harm in trying to reduce these thoughts. Whenever you hear one come up, instead of judging it with another negative thought, simply think the reverse. Here’s how to do it:

Negative Self Thought: I am not good at math; I suck.

Positive Self Thought: I am doing my best with math, and I am proud of myself for trying even when I struggle.

Don’t Let Others Bring You Down

If you’re an optimistic person looking to see the best in the world, you’ve most likely been told that you’re wrong or silly for thinking the way you do. You may even be called naïve.

The best thing to do in this situation is to simply ignore it. If optimism brings you joy and prosperity in your own life, it can’t be a bad thing. On the other hand, there are many studies that show that negativity and judgment of other people are bad for you, so you’re not doing so bad after all. Maybe it’s okay to be a little naïve.

Practice Affirmations

Another way to bring a little more positivity to your own life is by utilizing affirmations. Affirmations are a set of positive phrases that you can say to yourself, write down, or remember when you want to manifest a positive belief about yourself or something in your life.

Some examples of positive affirmations to try to include the following:

  • All my goals are already mine.
  • I am worthy of happiness.
  • I am a kind and lovable person.
  • I love my life.
  • I am so glad I met my partner.

It can be anything that brings you a positive and happy feeling, even if you don’t entirely believe it.

Appreciate the Little Things

Appreciating the little things in life is a common goal of optimistic people. It means taking a moment to stop and see the things that you might take for granted each day, like the warm fireplace you have in your house or the beautiful flowers outside your front window.

Try to pinpoint at least five things you’re grateful for that are small and appreciate them each day.

Learn Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is a difficult skill for most people, and it takes a lot of work to get there. So, what is radical acceptance? It’s learning to accept the things you cannot change.

It may apply to losing someone, losing a job, or being displaced from your home. In some cases, things cannot change. Being optimistic about the future but also understanding what needs to be left in the past is a way to learn to handle your emotions when something hard does happen.

Learn to Assume the Best in Others

Assuming the best in others is easier said than done, but it can change your life. If you are always thinking that other people are out to get you or aren’t doing their best, you may come off as judgmental and controlling, and you may also not make deep connections.

Deep connections involve understanding that people are complex individuals with differing needs and that they are most likely doing the best they can in any given moment to be a good person. Obviously, this isn’t the case for everyone, but it is the case for most people.

Understanding that people are inherently growing and learning as individuals is also important in being able to assume that they’re doing their best. If you believe someone is a horrible, irredeemable person for one mistake, there’s likely no room to even see their good side.

Celebrate Accomplishments

When you do make accomplishments, or when others in your life do, celebrate them! It doesn’t matter how “small” the accomplishment is. Everyone deserves some fun and excitement after working hard for something, so it’s a great idea to reward yourself when you can.

Save up big rewards for more impressive goals and reward yourself in small ways throughout your day for others.

Always Try to See the Silver Lining

Being optimistic is largely about looking toward the future without being negative. It means accepting that there is the possibility of change in any direction, and you can see the good within the bad.

There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world right now, but it doesn’t mean that it will last forever, and it doesn’t mean that there also isn’t love, happiness, and peace too.

Assume the Next Best Thing Is Around the Corner

Finally, it’s always a good idea to assume the best of the future, as well as the people in your life. Even if difficulties are coming in your life, why dwell on them? It’s essential to dwell on the things that do make you feel good and the things that you want to manifest.

If you’re hoping to gain a promotion at work, assume that it’s just a matter of time until you do. You might be surprised how well it works!


If you want to learn more about optimism, check out this excellent advice column here: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/optimism/. Start your optimistic journey small, and build up. Someday you’ll look back and be glad you did!


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