4 Reasons to Use a VPN Extension


In recent times, navigating the digital world has become an increasingly complicated affair, as the Internet is fraught with challenges for users. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly prevalent across the Internet, dramatically increasing the risk of experiencing a cybersecurity breach.

At the same time, our personal privacy is under threat in a way that it never has been before. Our online activities are being monitored constantly, and Internet service providers (ISPs) and governing bodies are continually implementing new policies that restrict users’ online freedom.

Of course, in today’s world, staying offline is simply not a realistic option. Fortunately, as a modern user, you have the option to use utilize a VPN extension to help to improve your online experience.

What is a VPN extension?

An extension is a software program that can be installed on your web browser to expand its capabilities. A VPN extension, specifically, brings the functionality of a virtual private network to your preferred browser.

VPN extensions provide a lightweight alternative to full VPN clients. In this sense, they are a highly convenient option for those who want to protect their privacy and security when connecting to the Internet using a web browser.

Reasons to use one

If you regularly use a web browser to access the Internet, then you should consider using a VPN extension for the following reasons.

It hides your internet traffic

Nowadays, privacy is a bigger concern than it has ever been. The world runs on data now, and that means that there are countless entities online who would seek to get their hands on it.

Companies are increasingly using data tracking to create targeted advertisements for individual users, for instance, which can quickly become frustrating. Likewise, having your activities monitored can put a dent in your wallet. For instance, viewing airline tickets more than once can increase the cost in many cases, as prices are set accordingly to your perceived level of demand.

That’s not all, however. ISPs also monitor user traffic closely and use triggered bandwidth throttling to slow your connection when you engage in specific activities. This can make video streaming difficult, for instance, due to poor internet speed.

A VPN extension helps to solve these issues by hiding your traffic from all parties. This means that you can browse with anonymity, ensuring that you have an optimal online experience.

It bypasses blocks

One of the main challenges facing internet users today is geo-blocking. It’s becoming more and more common for users to find that they are blocked off from accessing certain websites and online content, and this occurs because their IP address is being tracked.

Your IP address is a unique series of numbers that allows ISPs to identify your specific device. That means that it can help them to deduce your location, and subsequently block you from accessing websites as they deem fit. This runs contrary to the very nature of the world wide web and restricts your freedom as an individual. Thankfully, a VPN extension will help you to deal with this problem.

Installing a VPN extension allows you to conceal your IP address and re-direct all of your browser traffic through a remote server in a location of your choosing. This means that you can bypass blocks by changing your server location, thereby restoring your digital freedom.

It encrypts your data

Security should always be one of your main concerns when browsing the Internet. This is especially true nowadays when the digital world is rife with cybercrime.

Using an out-of-the-box browser to access websites poses a risk to your security, especially over public networks, as third parties may be able to intercept your data and exploit it for their own nefarious purposes. A VPN extension helps to solve this issue, however.

VPN extensions encrypt all the traffic coming through your browser to ensure that your data can’t be accessed. This protects you from a cybersecurity breach, enabling you to protect yourself while online.

It comes with additional features

Aside from their main functionalities, VPN extensions can also come with extra features such as malware protection or ad block. This means that a VPN extension can also improve your online experience by minimizing annoying pop-ups while providing you with an extra layer of security against harmful software.


The landscape of the Internet is ever-changing, and as a modern user, you face an increasing number of threats to your privacy and cybersecurity. As a result, browsing the Internet using an as-standard browser is becoming less and less viable. The time of the VPN extension is here, and thankfully there are a wide variety of options, both paid and free, to choose from. By installing a VPN extension in your browser, you can secure your data and protect your privacy for a safer, more enjoyable online experience.

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