5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying CBD Products


CBD or cannabidiol products have been causing a stir in the medical community since 1975. Researchers have discovered a plethora of potential health benefits from these goods, but studies are still continuously being conducted up to this day.

CBD is only one of the many elements found in the cannabis plant or what we know as marijuana. It’s a naturally occurring compound that may be used to impart a sense of relaxation and calm through items such as oils and edibles.

Potential Health Benefits of CBD

Currently, the only approved medicine containing CBD and not more than 0.1% of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is Epidiolex. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the use and registration of this marijuana-derived drug, which, later on, gave easier treatment access to people with certain health conditions like the Dravet syndrome. Due to related reasons, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reclassified Epidiolex as a non-controlled substance.

Although most of the known benefits of CBD are not yet proven, there are promising indications that cannabidiol may be used for medical purposes. In a journal published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, CBD has been found to assist with treating some forms of childhood epilepsy, which is tied to inflammation in the brain.

Some research findings also support that CBD may help aid in minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy, the same way that scientists reported how CBD, along with other compounds in marijuana, may help with slowing the growth of cancer cells. Moreover, clinical evaluations are being conducted concerning the efficacy of ganaxolone, an ingredient in the cannabis plant, in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

The list of benefits is infinite; scientists, physicians, and CBD companies are constantly trying to see how CBD may work with other health concerns. It’s also associated with pain relief, plausibly managing anxiety and depression, as well as skin conditions, such as acne.

With the supposed advantages of cannabidiol becoming more for improving health, various countries are gradually lifting the prohibition of items containing this compound. Hence, different CBD products are continually being launched every day, including gummies, CBD oils, and vape juices.

Before buying CBD, it would help to check out some honest reviews from authentic users or websites regarding the possible healing benefits of the cannabis products you’d want to try, like the in-depth review of Ananda CBD oil.

What To Watch Out For When Buying CBD Products

To make a sound purchase decision, here are the common mistakes you should avoid before buying CBD products:

1) Buying Low-Quality CBD Products

Many people assume that cheap means lower quality and vice versa. The truth, however, is that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality.

When choosing a CBD product, make sure that it contains all the active ingredients it must contain, such as flavonoids and terpenes, apart from CBD itself. Also, you need to consider the amount of THC present in the product (shouldn’t be more than 0.3%), the method of extraction, and the source used. Ideally, it must be derived hemp, not from marijuana, as it has larger amounts of THC, which induce psychoactive effects such as sedation or euphoria.

Don’t mistaken the price tag for the quality. You may try to get CBD products from reputable companies licensed to sell CBD products for a higher chance of getting those that are of high quality.

2) Assuming All CBD Products Are The Same

Not all CBD products are the same. You need to know the various types of CBD products and their forms so you’d know which is best for your application. For instance, topical CBD is best recommended for localized inflammation or pain. Massage oil is made for relaxation and pain relief. Meanwhile, CBD spray is aimed at cultivating calmness or dealing with anxiety and stress.

Again, CBD products may vary in the amount of THC content, source, manufacturing process, testing and evaluation, and so on. It’s important to distinguish one CBD product from another to find the most appropriate one that’ll be worth your money. If you won’t know these products’ differences, you might end up buying the wrong one.

Check if a CBD product contains 0.3% or less percent of THC, is made from hemp, and whether it’s third party-tested, to guarantee its good quality.

3) Not Knowing The Possible Effects of CBD Products

If you’re wondering if CBD products are safe and effective, you have to know some of their effects. While CBD is believed to produce great results in many cases, cannabidiol has been linked to various side effects as well, including dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness.

However, according to a skin health expert, CBD oil could have benefits in the skin, such as reducing its oil production, providing moisture, and relieving itching.

CBD may or may not help you in different ways; its use is not risk-free. That’s why before using these products, it’s essential to learn the adverse effects that you may experience along the way. Also, cannabidiol is possibly unsafe if you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. To be certain, it’s best to consult your physician for medical advice on using any CBD product.

4) Setting Unrealistic Expectations

You can’t expect miracles after using CBD products for a short period. Although CBD is known to improve one’s health, it isn’t a miracle drug that can be a replacement medicine for any illness.

There are a lot of popular claims, but when it comes to its healing or treatment properties, it’s best to rely on science. Studies on the potential health benefits of CBD are in progress, but are still very limited. To avoid complications, consult your doctor before consumption, especially if you’re under maintenance medication or if you have an existing health condition.

5) Misunderstanding The Label

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is ignoring the label or not reading the ingredient list of a CBD product before purchasing one. In general, CBD products have different forms such as oils and tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, and creams and lotions.

Manufacturers and retailers use third-party testing for CBD goods. It tests the relative concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as the terpene profile of the extract.

A chemical test known as lab testing can identify at least 200 contaminants that could reduce the consistency of your CBD oil. If a CBD product has passed through this third-party testing, then you can be assured that the product is reliable. Always check the label to avoid buying poor-quality CBD products that might only cause you harm.

Final Word

There are several CBD product brands on the market; you should choose products containing the recommended amount of CBD and have a good track record of customer satisfaction. The amount of CBD depends on your body weight, medical condition, body chemistry, and other factors. Before you purchase any of these products, you should research the manufacturer and make sure that they’re a reputable company that produces reliable products. If you’re suspicious of the company offering the products due to bad reputation or questionable credentials, don’t buy from them. Apart from that, know what ingredients/contents to look for when hunting for the right products.

These mistakes in buying CBD products shall never happen to you if you take proper caution. The more you educate yourself and the more you smartly shop around for the best deals, the happier you’ll be about your purchase.



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