6 Reasons You Need to Start Your Cleaning Business Today

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It’s an understatement to say that this year has been tough for a lot of businesses worldwide. Employees are getting laid off, and companies are shutting their doors—even indefinitely. Those looking to start their own cleaning business amid a pandemic may be wondering, is now really a good time?

The question is this: when is it really a good time to start a business? Should you wait until the pandemic is over? In this article, learn six convincing reasons you should defy the odds and launch a cleaning business amid the ongoing crisis.

The Competition Is Weak

For budding entrepreneurs, there is a silver lining. Since a lot of established businesses and start-ups are shutting down, this trims down the competition for them. While these companies are struggling to manage the decline, a new business will have nothing yet to lose.

Entrepreneurs should take advantage of this time to start creating a business plan for their cleaning company. It’s best to first find their niche, whether it’s a residential or commercial cleaning service. This will help them target the right audience and specialize in a particular service.

It Provides Job Opportunities

The number of unemployed workers during the pandemic hit the 15.9 million mark last June. That’s 10 percent of the total number of unemployed workers in the US. It’s evident that people need jobs, which is another reason entrepreneurs should start their cleaning business today.

A cleaning service only requires entry-level employees. Entrepreneurs can save on hiring and on-boarding costs, as there’s not much need for formal education or training. The only downside is that the turnover rate may be higher for them.

While entrepreneurs can do the cleaning themselves, hiring employees can help them maximize their time and get more jobs done.

The Demand Is Huge

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The total revenue for janitorial services reached 61 million dollars in 2018. This means the demand is huge.

Now, more than ever, people are more conscious about sanitation and health, so the demand for the service will naturally increase. People will want their homes cleaned from top to bottom to keep diseases at bay.

Apart from the huge demand, the margins with janitorial services are high. It’s easy to charge $40 to $50 for a professional cleaning service. It’s also reasonable to hire good cleaners at around $20 to $30 per hour per employee. With its high profit margin and low capital costs, a cleaning service is almost a foolproof business to start during this time.

Overhead Costs Are Minimal

For a cleaning business, overhead expenses are usually low, especially for those that are still starting out. Whether they offer a janitorial or a residential service, cleaning-service start-ups can easily operate their business at the comfort of their homes.

This means no utility bills, no rent, and no need to buy premises. A window-cleaning business can easily find a reliable seller of window-cleaning supplies offering high-quality products at a reasonable cost.

For a cleaning service, business owners will only have to acquire a few basic tools, like mops, sponges, brushes, and cleaning supplies.

It’s a Repeat Business

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Both commercial cleaning and residential cleaning are ongoing service businesses. This means that demand for the service will always keep coming. After all, people will need their homes or establishments regularly cleaned, especially during these times, when sanitation is critical to public health and safety.

This provides the business owner with constant income and even a potential to expand the business in the future.

Enjoy Flexible Working

The advantage with being self-employed is you get to be your own boss. This means you have the freedom to adjust your working hours to your convenience.

Having flexible hours gives entrepreneurs more time to focus on other aspects of their lives, like family, friends, leisure, and self-improvement. This benefits not only them but also their employees.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

Waiting until the pandemic or the economic crisis is over may not guarantee you the best results. In fact, this will only give the competition a bigger opportunity to make their launch.

You may find yourselves in an extraordinary time, but nothing will ever come out of inaction. Entrepreneurs should consider starting their own cleaning business now more than ever.


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