7 Actions an Employer Can Take to Reduce the Risk of a Construction Accident


Construction accidents happen every day and can have devastating effects on the contractor and the people working there. To minimize these risks, it’s important to know what to do or avoid doing to prevent accidents from happening.

Currently, Newburgh is a city that is seeing a lot of construction accidents. This is because of the increase in construction projects going on in the city. The lack of safety provided on the construction site is another reason for these accidents. Luckily, the victims can hire Newburgh construction accident lawyers who can help them get the compensation they need to recover from the losses.

Here are seven actions that employers can take to reduce the risk of a construction accident:

  1. Protective Gear

Employers should make sure that all workers are provided with appropriate protective gear. Construction sites can be very dangerous, especially if you work on tall buildings with a greater risk of falling. To prevent injuries, all construction workers must be given protective gear such as gloves, helmets, safety glasses, and even steel-toed boots.

  1. Proper Equipment

You should have the correct equipment if you’re working on a construction site. Employers should ensure all workers have access to the proper equipment for their job and are trained on how to use it before putting them on the job.

  1. Gaps and Holes

Areas with gaps or holes should be marked so that no one is injured. Employers must be aware of these gaps and holes and know the appropriate safety measures they can take to prevent people from getting injured. Installation of guardrails or covers around areas with gaps or holes is an example of a precautionary measure an employer should take.

  1. Proper Alarms

Workers should be provided with alarms to be notified when dangerous situations arise. Employers should ensure that all alarms are working properly and that workers receive training on how to operate them if they’re faulty.

  1. Proper Training

Employers should provide their workers with the proper training to operate equipment and work safely. An employer should also provide their employees with regular training to prevent any accidents. Injuries resulting from an employee not being properly trained may entitle them to compensation if they can prove that the employer failed to provide proper training.

  1. Preventive Maintenance

Workers should be trained on what can go wrong with their equipment and how to fix it if it does. Employers should ensure all workers are properly trained on how to use, maintain, and repair equipment so that any accidents caused by faulty equipment, improper maintenance, or a lack of training can be avoided.

  1. Proper Supervision

Employers should provide their workers with adequate supervision so that no accidents result from not being supervised. If construction workers are injured because they weren’t supervised properly, they may be entitled to compensation if the employer fails to provide them with proper safety supervision.

All of these suggestions help reduce the risk of a construction accident, and they are all things an employer should do to keep their workers safe. If a worker is injured in a construction accident because of negligence or improper training, they may be entitled to compensation.


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