8 Things Couples Often Forget When Planning a Wedding


Planning a wedding is almost always a hectic and complicated process. With so many things to prepare for and keep track of, it is easy to either forget about something important or never even consider it from the start. You want your special day to be the time of your life. In order to assure that it is, here are some things that you should keep in mind to make it a day you’ll never forget for all of the right reasons.

Detailed RSVP Cards

When sending out your invitations, it’s important that you include an RSVP card. That way you can keep track of who is planning to attend and who won’t be able to make it. Most everyone remembers to send the RSVP cards, but a lot of people don’t think to include all the pertinent information that you need from your guests.

If you are letting your guest bring a plus one, make sure there is a box for them to check so that you have a correct headcount.

When the menu is served, by the plate, you will need guests to indicate what dish they would like, whether it be fish, chicken, vegetarian, etc. However, many people assume they don’t need to mention anything about the food when they are serving the meal buffet-style, since everyone dishes up what they want. Whatever way you deal with food, there should be a spot for your guests to indicate allergies.

You might also want to consider asking if your guests have any specific dietary requests, such as a vegan option. This one is more a personal choice, though. It can be difficult to cater to each of your guest’s individual desires. You can present your guests with more of a take it or leave it option should you so choose. However, you definitely don’t want to send anyone to the hospital with an allergic reaction.

Purchase Insurance

Speaking of a trip to the hospital, purchasing wedding liability insurance is certainly something to consider. Weddings cost enough on their own. While hopefully none of the people you invite to your wedding are going to sue you if they get hurt, it does happen. Talk to an event insurer to get a free event coverage price estimate.

Most of the time, purchasing insurance is going to be more about the protection of your guests rather than yourself. Since most of your guests are unlikely to sue you if they get hurt at your wedding, by not purchasing insurance, they are left with no option for compensation to pay their medical bills if they get hurt.

Assign Tasks

In the months leading up to your wedding, you may have handled every part of the planning process yourselves. However, even the most controlling bride and groom need to give up a bit of that control on the day of the wedding. You will have far too much on your plate to deal with every little thing that needs to be done on the big day.

There are many more informal roles at a wedding beyond simply bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, etc. You need to choose members of the wedding party or other trusted friends or family to be in charge of many different tasks. Before the day of the wedding, talk to people and ask if they feel comfortable with being:

  • The point person for vendors
  • The person to give the gratuity envelopes to the various wedding professionals at the end of the night
  • The lead on the setup for decorations and seating
  • The photo guru, who helps the photographer identify who is who and get the right people into place for photos
  • The person in charge of clean-up and transportation gifts, decorations, and personal items from the venue at the end of the night
  • The person in charge of making sure the bride and groom eat and drink throughout the day
  • The point person for vendors, make sure they have set up contracts with every vendor to have everything clear, such as wedding dj contracts, photography contracts, catering contracts etc.

You will want to give all of these people as much information as possible regarding their tasks before your wedding day so that they can troubleshoot any problems themselves. However, they should know when a problem is small enough that you trust their judgment on handling it and when you should be consulted on decisions.

How Are You Leaving?

Many couples forget to prearrange transportation from the wedding venue back to wherever they will be spending the night. A bride and groom are unlikely to drive themselves on their wedding night, so it is important to arrange whether another wedding guest is going to drive them or if they are going to pay for a car. You probably aren’t going to want to wait around for an Uber or taxi for your big sendoff.

Depending on how you got to the venue and how you are leaving it, you may also need to arrange for someone to drive one, or both, of your vehicles to your home or hotel at the end of the night.

Don’t Forget About Yourselves When Dealing With the Caterer

Many couples take the count for their caterer after receiving all of their RSVPs. However, they forget to factor themselves into the equation. Even though people often talk about how they don’t really get a chance to eat on their wedding day, you still want to have the food there, so you have the option. Make sure all tablecloth linens should be neat and clean.

Know When the Sun Will Set

You are likely going to want photos to be taken during the golden hour. Make sure you have timed things out so that you can go outside for pictures and get the perfect shots during this period.

Make Sure to Use the Right Postage

Wedding invitations are often heavier and shaped differently from most of the mail people send. When sending out invitations, you might want to take them into the post office rather than sticking them in a mailbox. That way, you can ensure you have the correct postage and that the invitations all get delivered.

Be Prepared for All Weather Possibilities

There are no guarantees when it comes to weather, so you should always have a backup plan if the weather is less than ideal. When it comes to summer weddings, couples often do think of a backup plan for if it rains but do not consider what they will do if it is 100 degrees. There is definitely such as thing as too much sun.

Take Everything in Stride

You want your wedding to be perfect, but it’s important to remember that some things likely will go wrong. Don’t let little imperfections ruin your big day. The important thing is that you are marrying the person you love. Everything else is just extra.


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