8 Types of Out-of-Home Advertising


To see your brand grow, people must be aware of your brand to choose it and keep coming back. Organic marketing is not enough; you must implement unique marketing techniques and guarantee your brand’s reach. While print media and digital media provide exceptional results, you cannot rule out outdoor marketing to increase brand awareness and encourage location-based customer crowds to your local store.

People tend to build up the brand’s reputation depending on the number of times it perceives it, customer reviews, and the brand store availability itself.

Outdoor marketing is especially potent in grabbing people’s attention and enticing them to step into the local store.

What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is specific to the geographic area and stays in the crowd’s eyesight for a mere few seconds to make a lasting impression. It can be characterized by its location-specific placement, bright colors, short message, and specific important details corresponding to the brand.

Out-of-home advertising owes its success to the various channels, strong graphics, and innovation and creativity of the advertisement. Potential customers see these outdoor signs and build trust around the brand and the product; it also encourages them to find occasions and events when they will require the brand product and make a mental note. Following are some examples of some of the strategies:

1) Billboards: a large board that displays the brand advertisement with a short message to make an impression. Billboards have been in use since the 19th century and have evolved to accommodate the new practices of advertising that help customers retain the visuals. Prominently positioned to catch the public’s eye, they come as huge posters that potential customers can’t miss; think of stadiums, city centers, shopping centers. When placed on the roadsides, bridges, traffic signals, they are perceived only a few minutes before passing. The graphics, fonts, and message must leave the person with a positive idea of the brand advertised.

Static billboards, digital billboards both are expensive but provide results worth the cost.

2) Banners: they come in a smaller size than the billboard banners but are equally useful in making a brand impression. Unlike billboards, banners have a greater number of places where they can be put up for viewing at specific places. Printing banners with eye-catching graphics and guiding the thoughts of the people viewing them to choose the brand displayed. Printing Perth banners implements high-end equipment to deliver highly customized banners to be put up on windows signs display and local community events.

3) Transit advertising/vehicle advertising: static advertising depends on the footfall traffic in an area and is advantageous only when the location is people-specific. Vehicle advertising refers to the product advertised on the moving vehicle with painted graphics or vinyl wrap with the brand product and details. A brightly colored, attractive vehicle wrap will set your company vehicles apart from the rest. The vibrant color made on car wrap advertising naturally and draws the attention of passersby.

4) Street furniture: best of local business prevailing in the same locality, you can advertise your product alongside the street, at eye level. It has more possibility to repeat due to its inexpensive nature and more presence. Bus shelters, park benches, bike shares, urban panels, and metro lights provide you the opportunity to engage the pedestrians interested or passing by.

5) Construction: The construction underway has hoarding, building covers, and scaffold covers that create a barrier for the safety of the construction workers and provide you an opportunity to advertise the same. Construction sites may hold up banners of the finished project, promote a small business that rented the place in the same under-construction building or promote the company involved. The target audiences are the pedestrians, drivers, and passers-by who may have your next potential customer.

6) Point of sale: it depends on the purchasing mindset of the customer to make an additional purchase or impulse buy when advertised effectively. Point of sale refers to the advertisement placed right at the supermarket’s payment table or checkout section. The location and the environment fit the psychology of the purchase and make the sale. While other out-of-home advertising is more effective in creating brand awareness, the point of sale immediately promotes the purchase.

7) Retail advertising: it is aimed to keep the customer shopping and make purchases. Retail environments include shopping malls, storefronts, shopping streets. Retail environments have the customers in the shopping mindset and encourage a small visit to the store advertised in the banner, located in the same shopping center. Made available by the printed technology, marketers have new options with banners and posters to entice new customers. These advertisements are more elaborate as they fight for attention in the shopping environment with similar brands and products. Lift graphics, floor graphics, and mall media are a few examples of retail advertising.

8) Guerilla advertising: with advertising, eye-catching and memory retention is the main issue. It would help if you made an impression that stays and encourages the potential customer to choose your brand over others. Guerilla advertising refers to the sneak advertisements in the existing environment that leaves an impression in the people’s mind due to the shock of the stealth. You locate an existing environmental factor and add art to it. Graffiti, reverse graffiti, stickers, and wall arts, illustrative illusions are part of guerilla advertisement. There are endless options with guerilla advertising; you can hire a team to distribute flyers in the store’s local area, open pop-up shops, or even flash mobs for the brand.


Marketing and advertising have endless possibilities and only require you to be aware and imaginative of the channels and ready to evolve the existing channels for better reach and more customer engagement. You can add digital impact to your chosen strategy and make it more interesting. You are only limited by the cash and public rules, which can be solved with more sales and alert with the rules. So do your brand a favor and invest in local outdoor advertising.

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