A Concise Guide to AdWords Management Services


Running a successful AdWords management service is something that can mean the difference between your company’s success or failure. Previously, when most advertising was traditional and used analogue systems, there was no need to analyze market demographics in such detail. However, as more people use digital technologies, they leave a massive footprint of private searches, metadata and this means a profile can easily be created from their digital media use. This is where AdWords management comes from. By carefully using the right words to prompt clicks on adverts from users, AdWords platforms such as google AdWords management service, will direct more traffic and more sales towards companies using the service.

Why Seek Professional AdWords Management Services

The fact that AdWords management is a recent development in advertising should be indication enough that very few professionals out there can truly deliver as per expectations. It is a narrow field where results determine the compensation and that’s why setting out clear KPIs is important at the onset. The first thing to consider is whether to opt for an AdWords consultant or an AdWords management company. Both options have their advantages and your choice will depend on the composition of your company.

If your company is large and you need several products on an AdWords management service, then the best option is to go for an AdWords management company providing google AdWords management services. This setup will feature several AdWords consultants running multiple accounts for your company. They will likely be led by a lead consultant to manage KPIs. If the company is smaller then you can hire a single google AdWords consultant to manage the entire AdWords campaign. This option will give you better control of the consultancy process and lead to better skills transfer to your marketing and sales teams.

How to Manage Materials Created During Campaigns

Over the course of the campaign, your consultant or AdWords management company will create marketing materials that may outlive the campaign itself. These materials may be under the control of the consultant but may pass to the company at the end of the campaign period. However, the terms of such transfer should be strictly outlined in the agreement. Certain intellectual property such as taglines, melodies, and other unique creations may be too far removed from the company’s previous resources that the lines become blurred on who own the materials. This normally occurs in situations where the consultant is given complete freedom on creation of ad content.


AdWords campaign management is a delicate part of your advertising and marketing. Your whole team should be working in sync with the AdWords consultant or the AdWords management company to realize similar outcomes. The fact is that your in-house team stands to gain a lot from the AdWords campaign since they will gain skills they would need to maintain your AdWords campaign later on after the consultancy. Overall, it is important to keep healthy relations with consultants since you will probably need them in the future on other engagements.


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