A Glimpse Into The Life of Students at NY Business Institute


Students attending Golisano Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship complete a two-year curriculum based on the educational needs that prepare aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs with what they need to reach their goals. Students ranging from high school graduates to veterans attend the institute. Each student is honored as an individual in that their education is tailored to their unique needs.

Students are met exactly where they are, based on their goals to better their future. No SAT scores are required, and admission requirements are fair and straightforward. Students are only asked to complete an interview and provide their work experience, transcripts, and introductory statement to apply. The mission of the institute is to invest in the potential of every student. The institute’s genuine belief in student potential sets a precedent incomparable to other business programs.

If you’ve been looking for a business school that fully believes in you, actions speak louder than words at Rochester Business Institute. Students are accommodated financially, with tuition costs far lower than other business schools, and other payment plans can be worked out to make attending a real possibility. There is also no cost to apply. Read on for more information and to get a glimpse into student life at the program.

Student Life At Rochester Business Institute

Campus-led classes take place during the week from 8:45 AM-1:00 PM. The campus is approximately 125,000 square feet. Any students who need housing accommodations are granted the option to seek arrangements through Innovation Square in the downtown region of Rochester. Rochester Business Institute has partnered with them to offer students housing accommodations from one to four bedrooms, with laundry, utilities, and additional amenities.

Rochester Business Institute introduces students to concepts that help to fuel their hunger for business and innovation. They are taught that entrepreneurism is a mindset, and the importance of meeting workforce needs to support job and business growth. Students are also coached on the idea that opportunity is always available; it’s just about finding it.

Coursework Requirement Breakdown

The academic curriculum at Rochester Business Institute consists of in-person classes and a heavy course load to achieve the two-year program requirements.

  • Students are expected to complete 32 courses in two-year’s times.
  • Business courses are based on core learning models, including accounting, business analytics, career development, and more.
  • Weekday classes take place on campus to establish practice networking; these are skills students can take with them to advance in their careers.
  • Wednesday symposiums are held by business leaders to inspire students.

Promises Made To Students

Mentorships and internships are available at Rochester Business Institute to continue establishing real-world connections. Students are promised that at the end of their program, they can achieve one out of the three outcomes:

  • Advancement in career
  • Successful business building
  • Continued bachelor’s degree with associated colleges

Value your potential as a business professional.

Belief in one’s own potential is emphasized at the institute. Attend a business program that values student potential. Get involved, believe in yourself, and start the admissions process.

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