Adjusting to Life After COVID As a Plastic Surgeon: How It Has Changed Business


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every single person in the world, one way or another. Whether one contracted the illness, lost a family member to it, lost his or her job due to the pandemic, or simply was forced to stay at home for months, every person has felt the impact of the COVID-19 virus. With that being said, a particularly interesting area to look into when it comes to the impact of the virus is the cosmetic surgery field.

People often don’t think about cosmetic surgery when they think of who or what was impacted by COVID-19, however, this is an important area to analyze. This post will briefly explore how the cosmetic surgery field has been impacted by COVD-19.

How The Global Pandemic Has Impacted Cosmetic Surgery

Both cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery patients have been affected by the global pandemic. A surgeon from a Tampa rhinoplasty office pointed out that perhaps one of the reasons cosmetic surgeries are taking a hit is because they are done in hospitals, a place that is a breeding ground for the COVID-19 virus. Furthermore, cosmetic surgeons will have to adjust to life after COVID-19, and here’s why:

Patients Are Rescheduling

This is something that doctors are seeing all over the world, especially doctors and surgeons that do their work in a hospital. In short, people are afraid of contracting the virus in public places, especially hospitals, so they are rescheduling the appointment for the future, and not necessarily the near future. Though this fear is just and rational, it is hurting the cosmetic surgery field. In fact, about ⅓ of the patients are rescheduling their cosmetic procedures.

Likewise, existing patients aren’t the only people that are rescheduling. Patients that were scheduled to come in for consultations are also rescheduling, thus making it hard for surgeons to get new patients.

Patients Can’t Afford Plastic Surgery

This is an unfortunate situation and reality for many patients. As the COVID-19 virus impacted people’s health, it also impacted their bank accounts as stocks crashed, people lost their jobs, and as people still have no definite time of when they can return back to work. Many people are choosing to save their money for more essential things than plastic surgery, such as their mortgage, insurance, and retirement.

People are not opting for plastic surgery during these trying times as the future of the job market and economy is unclear.

Preserving Health is an Even Bigger Priority Than Before

Preserving people’s health has become an even bigger priority for cosmetic surgeons; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something that cosmetic surgeons are going to have to adjust to. Of course, patients’ health was always important but now surgeons must go above and beyond to protect themselves and their patients. Some ways that surgeons are doing this include:

  • Enforcing strict social distance rules in the office as well as facial masks
  • Taking their temperature before working with a patient
  • Taking a patient’s temperature before their procedure/ office visit

The Future of Cosmetic Surgery

There is no telling what the future holds for cosmetic surgery in regards to COVID-19. There is hope that things will return to normal or things will be improved due to this global pandemic as long as the curve flattens. Cosmetic surgeons all over the world must do their best to remain optimistic and go above and beyond to protect the health of themselves as well as their patients.


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