All About Recruiting Softwares


Recruitment should be a fun and easy experience for all. The digital transformation of recruitment eliminates bias, saves time, and makes things easy.

Sometimes we suffer from prior experiences and we can’t comprehend clearly, which leads to bias results that look bad. Recruitment software eliminates this possibility.

Hiring has a lot of paperwork and tasks in repetition. Automation of these tasks leads to time efficiency. Moreover, it frees up your time for things that matter in your organization.

Even corporations with ice-cold hearts feel bad eliminating unqualified candidates and some of the candidates might take offense. If so, they will spread a message that hurts the company image.

The best thing to do is to make the recruitment process fun and interactive. People are less likely to bad mouth the company if they see their scores for themselves. It’s more like a computer game instead of clashing egos.

The best recruitment and onboarding software makes all this happen and more. It is the best way to get the cream of the crop without all the hassle.

1) Handle a Large Number of Candidates

You can handle a huge number of candidates with recruitment software. The workload of the recruiters and hiring managers drastically falls, and the candidates have a great time using the software to prove themselves.

Bias-Free Recruitment

Our perception of people is biased as a result of our way of thought. You might be reluctant to admit this, but certain people get to you. It would be a shame if that was your best candidate.

Save Time

A human is a great inventor of things that work a thousand times faster than and better than himself. However, we are not the greatest pick for hard work. Recruitment software technology is a great example of this.

With the automation of tasks, there is more time to focus on priorities.

Make Recruitment a Good Experience

Recruitment software is interactive just like computer games. It’s really fun to fiddle with even if you are not a candidate. You can find a lot about yourself using the software.

2) Implement Unbiased Decisions

Scientific assessments make sure that there is no basis of any sort. The selection of candidates is on the basis of the information from the assessment.

Intuition is great for a lot of things, but it can be hurtful. For instance, the results of a guy with bad hygiene won’t show up on the result, nor will his revolting attitude towards the system. But if the guy has a score, that’s a gold mine for the organization.

Many Types of Assessments

There are many assessments available. Some of them include personality tests, language tests, and typing skills. Other tests evaluate the ability of multitasking and cultural fit. Cognitive ability assessments are available too.

Situational Judgment Exams

Situational judgment exams place the candidate in real workplace situations to see how they act. This will show you who your future best employee might be. Also, if one candidate is not qualified for one position, he can still try for another.

Candidate Ranking

If you have a lot of candidates who went through various information, the information will stick. You need a proper presentation of the information that even a baby can understand. Candidate ranking does that for you.

3) Automation of Tasks

You don’t have to waste brainpower or labor in using recruitment software so you are free to do things that your organization has in the priority list. Automation saves 80% of your time. Imagine the cost that you save in manpower and resources.

Smart Automation Workflow

Streamline all the necessary tasks for hiring a candidate staring from his application. You might have hundreds of candidates applying all at the same time. That is no issue if you have recruitment software as a result of automation.

The automation of tasks means no one has to deal with the application process, nor does anybody have to concern themselves with the assessments. The winner’s name will appear in front of you.

Candidates Schedule Appointments

Candidates are free to schedule their interviews as they please so there will be no missing interviews.

Moreover, they can cancel and reschedule their interviews as they please. The information will automatically update, and no complications will arise as a result of changes.

4) Fun Experience for the Candidates

Make a Great Impression

People often come back from interviews or assessments with a terrible impression of companies. They then go on to say awful things about the organization. This, in turn, may go viral, and that would hamper the reputation of the company.

With recruitment software, the candidate has no one else to blame other than themselves. That is why recruitment software needs to be engaging, fun, and rewarding.

Even if you don’t get the job, it’s okay. You will still enjoy and learn a lot of trivial facts about yourself from the game-like assessments.

Share Scores

Candidates can share their scores with their friends on social networking sites if they like. They can also show the score to future employers if it helps their chances.

Use Your Mobile to Access Information

Everyone involved in the recruitment process can access their designated information on mobile phones. This is very convenient and makes keeping track of things very easy.

5) KPI

The presentation of KPIs is easy to understand, and if you don’t find it appealing, all you have to do is customize the format of the presentation. Also, a customized dashboard optimizes time.

Candidate Satisfaction

All of the candidates can tell you exactly how they felt during the assessments. This is great for future improvements to the software later.

Hiring Metrics

You can easily keep track of the hiring metrics with the use of recruitment software. This is right from the beginning when the application process starts.

Conversion Metrics

You can track the drop of conversions to make decisions on how to optimize further. It’s a great way to see if there are common patterns in dropouts. If that is the case, then assessment alteration is possible.

6) Safety of Data

All your data is safe, so you don’t have to worry about information leaks of any sort. Some recruitment software is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

7) Integration With ATS

Integration with ATS means a seamless workflow. Your candidates should experience fluency of engagement without any sort of interruption.

8) Support Throughout

Most recruitment software provides support from the start. If you have any problems with the interface, the support team will take care of it. Also, if there is anything wrong with the assessments, fixers will be there by your side.


Recruitment software saves time, eliminates bias, and makes the whole experience run smoothly. Also, you will get a smooth integration with ATS, and all your data will be secure. Furthermore, you will always be able to see the KPIs.

So overall, recruitment software means efficiency and protection of the organization’s image. And most importantly, you will get the best of the best without any effort at all.



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