All You Need to Know About CBD for Dogs


Recently the demand for CBD has skyrocketed owing to its medicinal properties. It is a compound derived from marijuana plants and is one of the potent chemicals in the plants, only second to THC. However, unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance and will not make you high.

Since products made from CBD are natural, most of them can be used for animals. Many pet parents have started researching and realizing the potential health benefits of CBD for their dogs. Moreover, veterinarians in many states also recommend CBD for dogs to help them with pain management and other health conditions. Suppose you have not tried CBD for your dogs. In that case, you must seek consultation from the veterinarian before purchasing a CBD tincture for dogs.

But what is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical found in marijuana plants. The chemical can stimulate the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans and animals such as dogs. It can help restore the balance in the ECS, reduce pain, treat inflammation, deal with anxiety, reduce allergies, and address more problems. CBD is a substance extracted from plants. It is then induced with other carriers, such as fish oil, to be easily ingested and consumed by humans and animals.

What are the types of CBD products for dogs?

CBD is available in more than one form.
  • CBD oil

CBD oil is arguably the most used CBD product for humans and dogs. You can buy CBD oil from multiple websites on the internet, and they will come in a small glass bottle having a liquid dropper for more precise dose management. Within the category of CBD oil, many companies make various blends to provide a solution for a specific problem. For instance, they might add a mixture of turmeric and other herbs to focus on your dog’s allergies and boost the functioning of their immune system. Furthermore, CBD oil is popular because it is easy to feed dogs and has a long shelf life.

In addition, when you buy a CBD tincture for dogs, you can manage the dosage to the exact milliliter.

  • CBD Capsules

These are regular capsules infused with a pre-filled dose of CBD. Such tablets resemble the look of fish oil capsules. However, administering CBD capsules to your dog might be tricky. You can alter the dosage with the oil but not with the capsule since they are pre-filled. Also, capsules do not come in various sizes, making it challenging to manage the dosage.

  • Treats and Chews

Every dog loves to have their playtime snacks, treats, and chews. So, companies have come up with CBD-infused treats, chews, biscuits, and other such things for dogs to make it easier for you to give them CBD. Besides being tasty, such treats are also rich in proteins and other nutrients for your dog, along with small amounts of CBD.

  • CBD Salve

Salve is just a technical word for medical ointment, and many CBD brands have started their line of CBD-infused salves. These are a method of topical application of CBD, and you can directly apply the ointment to the affected area of infection. These ointments are highly beneficial if your dog suffers from any skin allergies.

For instance, many dogs build up rashes under their hind legs, which can even cause a build-up of infection. So, in such a case, topical application of CBD ointments may help treat the skin conditions to a great extent.

What is the best CBD product?

Most dog owners will tell you that CBD oil is the best form of CBD product that they can buy for their dogs. Moreover, even many experts recommended opting for CBD oil, amongst other things. Other CBD products for dogs are equally effective, but administering the oil is straightforward.

Moreover, since the oil comes with a dropper, you can reduce or increase your dog’s dosage as per their needs and body weight, which is not possible when you opt for other products. Reducing the dosage is especially important when administering CBD to smaller dog breeds.

It is also noted that CBD is more potent when it is given in the oil form because it has not been heated, unlike other products. CBD oil is the first product that any CBD brand introduces, and it probably comes in more variety than any other product. Therefore, you have a greater chance of finding a suitable type of different CBD oil for your dog.

Depending on the required dosage, you can buy a CBD tincture for dogs in various sizes. CBD oil bottles come in smaller sizes, with the most popular size being the 60-ml bottle. A 60-ml CBD oil bottle can last you thirty to forty-five days if you have a small to medium-sized dog, depending on the dosage size and frequency.

How to give CBD oil to your dog?

If you have decided that you would go ahead and buy only CBD oil, then there are multiple ways to administer it to your dog. Firstly, you can squirt the oil into their mouth using the dropper. The best place to put the oil is directly under the tongue as then it will get absorbed more effectively into their bloodstream. If they are challenging to manage, you can place the drops right on their tongue.

Once they start complying with your instruction, reinforce their behavior with a treat so they would be happy to take the oil the next time. Secondly, you can put the oil on a treat and give it to them. Use their favorite treat, but ensure it can absorb liquid. After selecting their favorite treat, just put the CBD oil on the treat, wait for it to get absorbed into the treat, and then feed it to them.

Lastly, you can add CBD oil to your dog’s meals, and it is an excellent way of ensuring that they get two servings of CBD oil. Once you start putting CBD oil into their meal, you will never forget to add it to their food.

Before administering CBD to your dogs, you must consult with a veterinarian and enquire about the correct dosage.


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