Best Alternative Investment Solution


These days, a 3% per annum return on your investments is not enough to get a good value out of your money for the item it is invested. In the UK, inflation rate yearly grows to as much as 2.68% which actually means that you could just be getting nil value on your investments placed at 3% per annum.

With the low interest rates on individual savings accounts, deposit accounts, and even fixed bonds, you would not be able to maximise your financial earning potential with money you worked hard for. This also holds true for the real estate industry at the market for buy to let properties have just gotten really complicated, unpredictable and even extensive over time. That is why more and more people are looking at different alternatives on where to invest money to be able to get sufficient results with the money they will invest for a couple number of years. A direction people are leaning towards the direction of buy to let cars due to its promising earning potential.

Invest as Low as £7,000 and As Much as £280,000

You do not need a large amount of money to start investing in buy to let cars. Typically, a car unit would need an investment amounting to £14,000, but even with only half of that amount, you could be able to start an investment and still get returns. With a £7,000 investment, you would only get a minimal return of around 7% per annum on average. Although it is not at part to the potential 11% per annum average you could get with a £280,000 investment that could get twenty units of car, it still is a better margin than 3% with a savings account. A 7-11% per annum return on your money would give you the opportunity to increase the value of your money in comparison to the yearly inflation rate, so in theory, you would be really earning money from this investment.

Investment That You Could Re-invest

With bank accounts and fixed bonds investments that have a fixed term, you would have to put the whole amount you invested on hold for it to earn its maximum earning potential. Look at it this way – if you have £1,000 in a savings account, for it to earn £30 for the year (with 3% interest rate per annum), you would have to keep that whole amount intact for a whole year. If you withdrew money from the amount, of course in turn, your interest earnings would be less. It could be worse with fixed bond investments because you would have a lock in period of a few number of years before you could get any money from it or else you may face some penalty fees. With buy to let cars however, that is not the case. You could actually re-invest the money you invested quite instantly because just within a month after your investment, you would be able to receive monthly payments of up to 36 months for the return of your investment. Then on the 37th month, you would enjoy the earnings on top of the amount you invested. With the monthly pay-outs, you could spend it on another investment or simply spend it where you need it.

Passive Income at Its Best

With investments like stocks, you would have to monitor the stock market daily to know what is happening to your money. With property investments, it would be a more tedious process with a lot of time and energy involved as you would have to properly maintain the properties, look for potential tenants, agree to the terms with tenant, and draft out and sign the contract for both parties. But the management does not end there because of course you would need to take care of your tenant’s concerns and needs should they arise. These types of investments may have a high reward with its large yielding returns, but it would also take so much from you as it needs dedication and focus for you to have high earnings. With buy to let on the other hand, you would not even have to go through looking for a potential lessee of your car units.

All you have to do is simply invest your money, and let the buy to let car company do the rest for you. You would not even have to bother about the maintenance and repair problems of the car units that you would own. All you have to do is to sit back, relax, and just wait for your monthly pay-out which will be conveniently deposited to your bank account. Even getting your money does not need any extra work of going somewhere to pick up a cheque or the cash. What better way to earn than with passive income which prioritises your convenience at that.


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