Introducing Android Enterprise MDM: Everything you Need to Know!


Android Enterprise (AE), provided by Google, is a platform for mobile device management solutions to help businesses manage and secure their Android devices and applications. It can provide a secure and separate profile for work-related data and applications on employees’ personal devices.

The MDM market is experiencing rapid growth, with a report from Markets and Markets indicating that the global Mobile Device Management(MDM) market was valued at USD 3.2 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 15.7 billion by 2026. expanding at a CAGR of 28.9% from 2021 to 2026. Since its inception, AE has been adopted by over 300 million devices worldwide, equipping organizations with essential tools to secure and manage employee mobile devices. Android Enterprise MDM  offers a comprehensive suite of features specifically designed to enhance security and productivity within the Android ecosystem. Its remote capabilities encompass geolocation, content management, streamlined security policies, and app management, ensuring a robust and efficient enterprise experience.

The Evolution of Android for Business:

For the past few years, the evolution of Android in the world of enterprise has been fuelled by numerous factors like the need for managed security measures, the increasing popularity of devices in offices, and the requirement for great control over corporate data.

This evolution has brought the development of Android Enterprise ecosystems from simple work portfolios to a complicated system of management.

Thereupon, when companies implement the MDM solutions provided by Android Enterprise, its necessary to maintain a balance between the access and control needed for the business operations, the autonomy, and the privacy needed by the employees.

Currently, the ecosystem of Android’s Enterprise endeavors numerous solutions for different organizations including third-party MDM solutions.

Additionally, the partnership of Android Enterprise with other mobile manufacturers has increased its capabilities and has let it known as the most eminent choice for companies opting for the flexible yet safest method of mobile solutions.

Key Features of Android Enterprise (AE):

Here are some of the features of Android Enterprise (AE).

Managed Google Play:

One of the incredible features of Android Enterprise is its managed google play store. Yes, it has the basic functionality along with the management skills to enable the IT admins with the availability to create an enterprise Play Store. The IT Admins can thereupon deploy and accept all the management tasks easily.

Zero-touch Enrolments:

The zero-touch enrolment feature introduced by Android Enterprise has gained tremendous popularity for providing the most useful solutions. It helps IT admins to deploy devices in bulk with a similar configuration. However, it benefits the employees to get an out-the-box experience with a completely enrolled device.

Work Profiles:

This feature of Android Enterprise helps store the work data. The main objective of work profiles is to foresee that both the personal and work data don’t get mixed up. It helps each employee to create his work profile with his device.

The VPN security feature:

Android Enterprise enables you to opt for the VPN security feature that allows users to have safe access to the network to the devices that are physically on the network. VPN helps employees browse the Internet more conveniently. When an Android device boots, it starts a VPN service which keeps running until the device is on.

Managed Configurations:

Managed configurations permit the users to specify the settings for the applications remotely. Now the IT admins can efficiently add specific configurations to the apps approved by the organization into their work profiles.

Benefits of AE for Organizations:


One of the benefits of Android Enterprise is that it offers flexible options to customers with a wide range of devices and creates factors to select from. By this, we mean that the organization can choose the most appropriate device for performing each task.

Enhanced security:

Enhanced security is one of the significant benefits of Android Enterprise that can be attained through data encryption, regular updates, and by sandboxing. Data encryption is useful for the protection of sensitive information, regular updates ensure that the Android devices are secured against threats.


With the rise in the Android enterprise, companies can now instantly deploy and manage numerous devices while enabling them to scale their operations when needed. AE also provides companies with the latest security features like secure boot and hardware-backed encryption and much more.

Support and Updates:

The advanced AER devices are constructed to assure smooth operation and updated software that is necessary for organizations that completely rely on their devices to perform various critical functions. Alike the AE devices, the AER devices also receive security updates regularly that help protect users against new vulnerabilities and threats.


Android Enterprise endeavors an extensive customization option for organizations while permitting them to tailor the experience of a user to meet their specified needs. This can help lead to a more efficient workflow for the organization’s employees and result in increased productivity and reduced costs.

AirDroid Business MDM integrated with Android Enterprise

AirDroid Business  is referred to known as an enterprise-grade (MDM) solution for both attended and unattended Android devices. This is designed to upgrade the productivity and mobility of businesses of different sizes with effective monitoring of devices, remote access, mobile app management and much more.

Features of AirDroid Business:

Here are some of the features of AirDroid business MDM integrated with Android Enterprise.

Mutiple enrollment methods:

AirDroid Business features multiple methods for the Enrolment of Android devices in the platform of Android MDM which includes Regular Enrollment, Enrollment via Device Owner, and Android Enterprise.

Enterprise apps management:

It is one of the useful features of AirDroid Business that permits the administrators to efficiently distribute and manage both enterprise apps and the Google Play apps. With the help of GAM, you can turn on or off the services for users.

Security policy:

The AirDroid Business features a security policy that is helpful for users to effectively share or transfer their data without being worried about the leakage of their private or workspace data.

Remote monitor and manage:

You can have a glance at all devices’ status, data usage, battery, location, network status and etc from a centralized dashboard, keeping all devices working properly.

Remote access and control:

With the remote control features, you can remotely access any attended and unattended devices and fix problems right away, giving you the reach and timely support required to serve customers. What’s more, the remote screen will be darkened by turning on the Black Screen Mode, protecting businesses’ sensitive data.

Kiosk mode:

It also offers you the Kiosk mode to limit access to apps, websites and systems settings.  It is a perfect way to lockdown a device when it’s working for a specific task.

Location tracking and Geofencing:

Track and monitor devices’ movement, securing the devices in case of being lost or stolen, from which you can better protect businesses data.

Alerts and Notifications:

Receive alerts triggered by critical events, so you can make timely decisions before things get out of control. This enables you to have an instant check of the latest updates and respond accordingly.


Android Enterprise MDM offers a potent mobile device management solution, empowering businesses to effectively manage and secure their mobile devices and applications. For companies reliant on custom devices, AE’s value lies in its capacity to deliver enhanced security, control, and scalability.

AirDroid Business powered Android Enterprise MDM is a comprehensive mobile device management platform designed to help businesses manage, monitor, and control Android devices remotely. It streamlines device management, saving both time and resources for businesses of all sizes.


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