Asuka Kanemaru Shares How Anyone Can Live To Their Desired Potential By Realizing Their Voice


We are born with unique endowments, personalities and gifts. Still, somehow, the world exposes us to certain realities that alter how we express ourselves and wear our offerings as boldly as we can. Such was the case with Asuka Kanemaru, who is blossoming today because she could overcome the traumas and challenges posed to her due to her inability to harness her God-given talents.

The breakthrough surfaced, and Asuka could finally clinch her thirst for music; everything aligned. She noted, “When I took lessons from Michael Jackson’s voice trainer, I immediately released my voice. I don’t have to speak from my stomach. No voice in my head either. First, you have to align your vocal cords to your natural position. From there, your true voice comes out for the first time. Since the body structure is used as it is, there is no force in the body or the mind. It was a big breakthrough for me to experience my natural self.

This experience was quite different from everything else that people were projecting; it was a revelation of what she was to achieve, and so it was to everyone else. We have our individuality, potential and “color”. Something that distinguishes us from the crowd and makes us stand in rhythm with our truest selves, irrespective of what others may think of us.

You have to be able to pull your focus towards yourself and identify what it is that will make you stand out. We all have a rainbow to ourselves from what we are. This experience Asuka compelled her to devote herself further to helping others who may suffer from the same things she suffered, which brought about the birth of Rainbow Voice Inc. 

Her company is Rainbow Voice Inc and her leading initiative is called Brand Voice which helps people that haven’t discovered themselves yet to change and adopt the best versions of themselves. It is also very important to note that change doesn’t mean changing into someone else or peeling yourself to meet the expectations of others but rather, to metamorphose into the best version of yourself, allowing your “voice” to be heard.

Talking about her plans, she says— “My goal is to sing Japanese songs together with everyone in the world while each person has his/her own “true voice”. I think Connecting with others, the importance of speaking to each other, and listening to one’s voice are all concepts that we were born with because I was born and raised in Japan. However, voice training is the Hollywood way. As a Japanese, these concepts were incorporated into me in a sharpened form, like “zen-goodness“. There are many unique individualities in the world. I would like to realize the moment when everyone comes together in abundance through “singing” together.

With that, you can discover and live to your desired potential, building only the best relationships and leading the best life! Everything is possible once you are in control and have your potential vibrating at its maximum. 

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