5 Ways An Attorney Can Help You With Tax Issues


Dealing with the IRS can be stressful, particularly if your knowledge about taxes is minimal. However, such issues are hard to avoid because they can happen to anyone. Not filing your taxes or failing to pay them can land you in trouble with the IRS. So it is better to have a plan in place even before you come across any such problems. The best approach would be to have a specialist tax attorney to handle the entire tax matters. Only someone with the right expertise and experience will be able to understand such situations and handle them properly. Here are some ways a seasoned tax attorney can help you with tax issues.

Filing your tax returns

You may think that a CPA is the right professional to help you with filing your tax returns. But having a tax attorney for doing it is even better because they have the skills and knowledge much beyond those of a CPA. Their experience with complex tax situations makes them a better option for taxpayers. With a legal professional, you can be assured that you have access to good advice because they are updated with the latest laws and codes. Additionally, they can help you save on taxes by identifying the deductions and exemptions that you can claim on your return. They also make sure that the returns are filed and refunds processed on time.

Dealing with IRS notice

It is unfortunate to receive an IRS notice but tax attorneys can help you with them as well. You need not panic if you get one because a good lawyer will be able to resolve the issue sooner than you expect. Do connect with one if you get an IRS notice for audits, submission of additional documentation, clarification of information in your return or any other reason. You need to be very careful while giving a response to such notices. Just contact a legal professional immediately and seek their advice on the plan of action. They will ensure that you do it the right way and at the right time.

Being your intermediary

Having to deal with the IRS is a tedious and time-consuming task because they generally take longer to connect you with a live agent. It may take weeks or even months to get a response to your mails. A tax attorney can help because you can trust them for offering complete solutions for tax problems with the IRS. They act as an intermediary who opens up communication with the authorities because they generally have good contacts. The best part is that they can get the case resolved at the earliest. In this way, you can avoid fines and penalties which are usually time-based. When cases drag longer, these fines and penalties pile up and you may find it difficult to pay them.

Representing your case in the tax court

Beyond just filing taxes and responding to notices, an attorney can represent you in the tax court too. If things reach that far, you would need a legal representative to handle your case. A good one can help you reduce the penalty or even get the obligation dismissed if you have done nothing wrong. In adverse situations, you need them to save yourself from a jail term due to serious issues such as tax evasion. Only someone with the right experience would be able to help if you are in a serious fix with tax laws.

Giving the best advice to clear outstanding balances

Settling the balance you owe to the IRS is a complex task but you need to do it in any case. A tax lawyer can surely help you with the right advice according to your situation. They may suggest a lump sum payment or set up an agreement with the IRS for processing the payment in installments. Further, they may even come up with an offer in compromise with the authorities in the absence of liquid funds to pay off the outstanding taxes. They may have your case put in the Currently Not Collectible status if you are not capable of clearing your dues at present. Whatever your problem may be, they will have a feasible solution for you.

Tax issues with the IRS are always complex and challenging, which is the reason that you should leave them only to experts. A tax attorney is the best person for the job and you must collaborate with them even if it means spending money on legal fees. Their services are worthwhile because they can protect you from stress and trouble in the long run.


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