4 Ways Automation And AI Will Change The Consumer Experience


Technology is making huge changes to the world we live in. Retail outlets and restaurants are having to react to the changing world and an increasing set of demands and expectations from modern consumers. Automation and artificial intelligence have to be implemented to enhance and add value to consumer experience, and to allow smaller businesses to compete with the big branded outlets. Here are some of the ways technology is changing the way people shop, eat, and spend their money.

Changing The Restaurant Experience

Automation is finding its way into many different consumer spaces. Fast food chains have been looking for ways to streamline their processes and automate food production for decades, and the technology they need is now emerging. Even in more traditional restaurant settings, with plated meals and human servers, new levels of restaurant automation are just around the corner.

Food outlets big and small can take advantage of the restaurant automation that KioskBuddy offers to install easy to use ordering tablets for their customers. This speeds up the ordering process and helps restaurants to serve their customers more quickly, increasing their capacity without having to add more tables or more space. This simple change can yield big returns for restaurants and retail outlets, and customers are enthusiastic. They enjoy the convenience and speed the tech offers, enriching their consumer experience.

Self-Checkout And The Customer Experience

Many retailers and even restaurants are switching to self-checkout services. This can save them a huge amount of time and money, and help make their staff more efficient. It does affect the customer experience, but some customers seem to prefer it. Though it may provide less personal service, the convenience, and speed that self-checkout systems give consumers have made them a popular choice.

Retailers carefully offer their consumers both options. At big grocery stores and supermarkets, you will find rows of self-checkout touch screens next to the traditional manned checkout aisles. For the customers that prefer the personal touch, they have the option for now. Self-checkout is going to become the norm in many retail spaces as the large labor savings cannot be ignored, especially across a large number of sites. The big chains will be the first to make the complete switch, and smaller outlets will have to follow suit to remain competitive.

Customer Service Through Apps And Automation

Technology is changing the retail space in ways that could not have been predicted. Brick and mortar retailers are using technology to personalize and tailor their customer experiences to each individual consumer. Through branded smartphone apps and push notifications they can bring their consumers deals and discounts that are unique to each shopper, offering them regular savings on their favorite products.

Retailers are also using apps to retain their customer bases and increase consumer loyalty. Some of the biggest retail chains are encouraging consumers to download and install their apps to earn points or discounts when they shop. The consumers have to come back again to take advantage of the offer, and when they do they generate more points or vouchers creating a repeating cycle. Consumers are returning again and again to stores to save money on their favorite products, while businesses are shoring up their customer bases and getting people in the stores instead of shopping online.

More Products Through Automation

Inventory is a constant cause of frustration in both retail and restaurant businesses. Maintaining stock levels can be a full-time occupation, and making timely orders can often mean missing out on crucial products or ingredients. By automating this process, businesses can maintain their stock levels continuously and orders can be made automatically. This means stores never have to run out of a product again, and every dish is available at a restaurant.

This has a huge effect on consumer satisfaction and the customer experience. One of the biggest disappointments of the retail or restaurant experience is having to make a compromise on your choices. By utilizing automated inventory management, outlets can keep a constant supply of their most popular products, and having more staff on the floor thanks to self-checkout tech keeps the shelves full. This can also help retail businesses react to trends and surges in demand. Popular products can be identified more quickly and stock can be ordered to help meet the increase in demand from consumers.

The world is being revolutionized by digital technology, automation, and artificial intelligence. Retail outlets and restaurants have already been challenged by the changes in commerce that the internet and smartphone apps have brought. Now they need to embrace tech and make it work for them rather than against them to succeed in the modern marketplace. There are some massive opportunities for more than just cost-cutting. These technologies and the ones still to come can all be used to enhance the consumer experiences they offer and give their customers better value.

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