Automation: How Small Companies Can Gain a Competitive Advantage


Small businesses are always looking for ways to up their game, provide more robust customer service, and improve efficiency. Yet a lot of them don’t know where to start. One option is automation, which can help you deal with customer information queries and provide a more tailored solution for your customers.

Lawyer Automation: How One Small Business Did It

Small businesses usually struggle with how they can make themselves different from their competitors when it comes to automation. Still, one small business has devised a way of doing precisely that: automating its lawyer services.

Implementing legal software allows the practice to benefit in several ways:

1) Respond to, and record new leads

Staying on top of leads collected from the internet or other channels can be an administrative nightmare. Post-it notes with reminders, scribbled-down notes, and voicemail messages can easily get lost. Log them in a single location and allow the software to remind you of each lead and progress the leads on a predetermined process.

2) Synchronize your website and CRM

It’s common to collect inquiries online. A good platform allows you to design and publish contact forms online. Any responses are tailored to collect the information you need and are automatically imported into your customer database.

3) Manage marketing activities

Automation helps you stay on top of marketing campaigns and automate referrals. The software can manage their experience, including referrals if a customer inquires. It can also remind you when a customer is due for an inquiry reminder or an appointment follow-up.

4) Reduce errors and boost efficiency

The old ways of doing things are fraught with human error. By implementing automation, you work smarter by eliminating the steps that expose small businesses to error, like manual data entry or rekeying information from correspondence. This helps streamline your operations and makes the whole process easier and more efficient.

The software can even help you increase profitability by helping you see which customers have used your services. Record-keeping can also help you precisely identify which products/services are profitable and cut expenditures.

5) Make managing your business easier

Business software can help you control expenses and make administration easier. Everything from tracking marketing budgeting to managing employees is much simpler with the right tool. You’ll be able to spend more time being productive than on administrative tasks that have nothing to do with improving your services.

How does automation software achieve a competitive advantage?

Many small businesses aim to offer their customers a better experience to retain them. When you automate your customer service, you immediately improve the experience. There are fewer chances of people introducing errors as the information can flow easily throughout the organization without needing to be re-entered.

An automated service can also help provide better customer service–it can answer questions without having to write lengthy email responses, which can lead to miscommunication. Many customers prefer a more personal touch. By providing a tailored experience, you deliver a more customized solution. That in turn, increases customer satisfaction and retention.

One of the best benefits of using software designed for use in a specific field is that the platform is built with an understanding of how a specific business operates. This makes it easier for clients to alter processes to work in an electronic environment.

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