Tips for Avoiding Autos Insurance Fraud


Autos Insurance industry ids getting complex but it is also getting difficult for the insurance seekers to look for a reputed car insurance provider. What with the autos insurance fraud in the rise, the buyers have to be much more cautious today they can get lured in a trap very easily.

There are crooks that are looking for means and ways to defraud you. The ones lies on the auto insurance seeker to be more vigilant and careful if they do not want to land up in some kind of insurance scam. Here are some useful tips for autos insurance that can help you keep away from those fraudsters and avoid becoming a pawn in an auto insurance scam.

Ways of Autos Insurance Fraud

The first step is to be well aware of the different ways of autos insurance fraud working in the industry today and raise your level of awareness. Common tactics that have been identified by the authorities are staged collisions where your car may get hit intentionally and made to look like it is your entire fault.

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Another tactic followed is where two vehicles are involved that takes advantage of the third innocent party to rear-end the vehicle. Some times the driver moving out of a parking lot is by a driver on the roadway when suddenly the driver accelerates and crashes in the car of the innocent driver.

In the collision, the guiltless driver as the driver in the rear is usually found at fault, the scammed driver end up with a blemished driving record as well as with the cost of deductibles.  It is very essential to maintain vigilance when you drive on the road and in your interest to avoid those auto insurance frauds.

Tips for Autos Insurance

The best way out to avoid becoming a victim of such frauds is to be cautious and aware. Trust your instincts and watch out for drivers who cut up in front of you suddenly and then drives slowly or if a driver seems to follow you closely or is driving erratically.

  • And, if an accident happens, keep cool and try to think sensibly. It is a good idea to keep a checklist for accident in the car that will guide you on the steps to take. A writing tool is always a help and keep a small notepad too.
  • Take pictures of the scene immediately, including the damaged vehicles. Collect the information of the other driver as well as note the number of passengers in the other vehicles, their names, contact information and ages etc. If any witnesses, collect their names and information.


  • If possible, call police to assess the situation and file a police report. Do not take any direction from anyone other that the police.
  • Don’t get pressurized by anyone into taking money or  go to a certain body shop or a medical professional. Get in touch with your insurer to make a list of preferred auto shops.
  • Don’t sign any form or paper before reading them thoroughly. The bills should be detailed and accurate.

Autos insurance fraud and cams are the second-most cumbersome financial crime in US. More than 20 % of injury claims and 10% of auto damage claims are fake. These autos insurance scams often victimize law-abiding and gullible drivers and insurance companies end up paying millions of dollars settling for these claims.

It is getting essential to look for ways to avoid these particular brands of trouble by being more alert and vigilant. For example, one can use the inner lane of a 2-lane turn zone at an intersection and always keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of you.

Drive defensively and always be on the alert when on the road and avoid these kinds of accidents. It is our collective efforts that will cub the number of rising scams and frauds in the auto insurance industry.

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