Finding Yourself and Your Career: Avoiding Common Mistakes in Starting Your Next Business


As we look ahead towards 2021 and beyond, we gaze excitedly towards our future potential. You may be moving forward with a career shift in mind. Perhaps you’ve been working for a company where you didn’t feel like you were properly recognized. Or maybe you’re looking towards the future with a completely new life mission in place.

Whatever the scenario, a dual strategy of self-authenticity and proper decisions can fast-track your new business to success. Looking inward is the first step, whether you plan to be the next great writer, marketer, or RSD lawyer. Finding your authentic self is first about contemplation, and then having our mental pathways motivate us towards what our real-life goals are. Aligning these intentions with clear actions, while understanding some common mistakes to avoid when starting your business, are the first steps towards a profitable career that you can start on your own.

Knowing True Value First

Discovering the authenticity of yourself is first about knowing your own value. “What are the areas that I know that I’m skilled in?” and “What is my true potential?” are key questions to ask yourself as you get ready to jumpstart your next business. In understanding the areas in which you’re confident you can achieve and fields in which you already have the expertise, you’re already a step ahead in competing in today’s market.

Along that route, the first–and most important–mistake you’ll want to avoid is going into your first business without a proper business plan in mind. In particular, you’ll want to assess your business’s overall value and formulate a proper financial plan for its launch. Important factors include:

Taking the first step requires confidence, and in knowing your life mission, you already have an optimistic mindset. Now it’s about having the proper planning to make that objective a reality.

Research Leads to (Self) Progress

Did finding your life goals and understanding your true purpose happen overnight? No, it probably didn’t. Most likely, the process took time, dedication, and most of all, an extensive look into different topics before finding one that truly aligned with your interests and skill set.

At the same time, you don’t just want to run into your next field of work with zero exploration. Take careful time to examine the field in which you’ll be launching your business, as well as the local competitors in your industry. If you’re opening a new bakery, for example, make sure that you’ve done diligent research on other local bakers in nearby towns, as well as the items they offer, pricing, and other noteworthy factors.

Competition is everything when it comes to market research. And self-authenticity is all about being noticed for making the correct decisions. In doing an attentive investigation of the market in which you’ll be launching your next business, you’ll be improving on your chance to succeed.

Connection is Everything

You’ve got a social media account on Facebook or LinkedIn, right? Congratulations! You’ve already completed an important step.

Communicating with friends and groups that share our interests is an essential part of expressing ourselves in the digital age. The people we choose to let into our lives and add to our day-to-day experience are key fixtures who help motivate us to succeed. In connecting with these people, we not only grow our community but also allow for self-growth

Similarly, online and social media connections are essential to any modern business’s success. Before you launch your new business, make sure that you at least have a Facebook page set up as a social networking hub for your online presence. Additional pages social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can add to your outreach, letting your customers know about business updates, providing informational content about your products or services, and other vital bits of news.

Also, creating an official website for your new business has never been easier. Web designer tools such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace are available for small businesses to create their own customized sites. You can also use these online resources for sales, especially if you’re working from home. Online and digital connectivity is crucial. Adding these aspects to your business is a simple–and significant–step to take.

It’s a new year in 2021. With a new time comes fresh goals and creative areas of limitless potential. In discovering our self-authenticity, you can open up new paths toward success. And in knowing which common mistakes to avoid, you can make a victorious stride in creating a new life path forward.


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