10 Awesome Email Inspirations You Can Steal Ideas From


Emails are everywhere on the internet, and they remain the most preferred channel for digital marketers. Email marketing has the highest ROI ($42 for every buck invested) of all forms of marketing.

But the returns aren’t the only exciting reason behind email marketing’s dominance. It draws its prominence from the fact that it is a cost-effective solution that helps you reach customers’ inbox – a place where they visit every day. An email address is a person’s online identity validation, and anyone who wants to be on the internet ought to have one. So fellow marketers, here are the top ten examples of business email templates that you can draw inspiration from. Let’s begin.

1) Opt-In

Opt-in emails are highly recommended for brands looking forward to establishing meaningful relationships. This helps keep your email efforts realistic for subscribers relevant to your sales strategy, as uninterested leads could deviate your efforts. In this beautiful example from Archant, we can find that they’ve used typography and a decent image to create a beautiful, no-nonsense opt-in message. They have used minimum content blocks, and the overall design is quite decluttered:

2) Welcome

Sending welcome emails is one of the basic activities once a new subscriber joins your email list, so prepping them is a regular task. These emails need to be crisp and clearly tell the reader that they are now a part of the concerned brand’s mailing list, and their opt-in gift/offer is available to them. It is necessary to send this message within a 24-hour window since this is one of the messages every subscriber actually waits for. Here’s an example from Saje:

3) Promotional

Promotional messages are bread and butter for most sectors like eCommerce, and even for other sectors, it is among the top reasons to pursue email marketing in the first place. Also, you need to be smart with your copywriting because offers and discounts only work if the emotions are set right. In this example from Eight Sleep, we can see how beautifully they have interwoven an amazing copy with a no-nonsense offer to build this stellar example:

4) Sale

If you are looking for business email templates focused on sales, here are my two cents: Don’t try a lot to convince your customers. In most cases, they are looking for a great deal since they have made their mind on spending a certain amount. You just need to cut through the noise and provide them an alluring offer with the value they are going to get out of the purchase right inside their mailbox. Fitbit just showed us how we could push an offer without being too obvious or spending time on convincing the prospect in this email:

5) Order Confirmation

Order confirmation emails are widely used transactional messages which have a huge significance for both the sender and the recipient. They provide the customer with all necessary details like the cost breakdown, expected shipping time, tracking docket number, and product information. For the sender, it provides them an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell while allowing them to reinforce the customer’s purchase decision.

6) Order Shipped

Order shipping emails are yet another category of transactional messages that prove to be a win-win for the sender and subscriber. It is, in fact, a great opportunity to educate the customer on how to use the product. In many cases, people apply for a return request simply because they could not figure out how to use it. You can use this email to feature some benefits and tips that would make the customer feel reassured. With this being said, you can always use these emails to pitch other products and provide all the necessary information as Patagonia did it here:

7) Cart Abandonment

If you are into eCommerce, you already know the importance of cart abandonment emails, for they are more crucial than promotional messages in many ways. While a user leaving your site without completing a purchase isn’t rare, it is necessary to approach them within one hour, four hours, a day, and even a week of cart abandonment to increase your chances of making a sale. You can get inspired by the copywriting, design, and much more from this example from Rudy’s Barbershop:

8) Back In Stock

How much ever you may avoid stock outages, they occur at some point in time, and this can be a turn-off for our customers. United By Blue might have faced a similar situation, but they made it a point to include links to other categories apart from the concerned product. This is a great trick that every business should leverage for their back-in-stock messages whenever possible.

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9) Re-Engagement

Re-engagement emails can play a pivotal role in a subscriber’s journey with your brand. Hinge nailed this with their re-engagement email, which provides a few actionable tips that would boost their user’s confidence and motivate them to start using their services:

10) Unsubscribe

Though we may not like it, helping a user unsubscribe is necessary when they find our messages irrelevant. It is because their inactivity or responses will not provide relevant inputs for our email efforts, and here’s how Hulu came up with a simple yet thoughtful unsubscribe email:

Summing Up

These ten examples have loads of creativity that can inspire quite a lot of emails no matter what business you run. You can also mix and match the qualities of these business email templates to run high-voltage campaigns that convert.

Images Source: reallygoodemails.com


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