Be a Marketing Coach and Travel the World


Being a marketing coach sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? You can go where you like, do what you want while you’re there, and as long as you can spend a few hours with a laptop, a power source, and a solid internet connection, you can make enough money to support your lifestyle. The rise of online jobs and the gig economy has led to a growing number of digital nomads, people who travel the country or even explore the world and perform their jobs at the same time.

By using a laptop, you can make a living through online work wherever you can find enough power and a good wireless connection. You can find a lot of online career options these days, and marketing coach is one job that can pay pretty well. A growing number of content creators and influence marketers are trying to make a living online themselves, and if you’ve been there already and can show them what to do, you can make a lot of money even as you stay on the go.

Understand the Marketing Coach Job

The art of selling yourself and your creations comes naturally to some, but for most people, it takes time and practice to build up the necessary knowledge and confidence. That’s why marketing coaches have started appearing: they’re influencers and creators who have already gone through the whole experience and want to share their knowledge with others. They’re people like Carolina Millan, a woman who creates videos about how to live off your laptop even as she puts that knowledge into practice.

Uproot from Your Surroundings

If the idea of a nomadic lifestyle sounds like a good next step, chances are you don’t have a spouse and kids to tie you down. However, you may still have things like furniture, books and movies, decorations, and all the other things that slowly fill up a house or apartment. It’s not a good idea to abandon all that by heading out all at once, especially if you plan on settling back down at some point. Start small by heading out for a short time. If you like it, you can move your stuff into long-term storage.

Be the Sensible Nomad

Image via Flickr by Laura Hoffmann

While it’s exciting to think you can go anywhere and still do your job, remember that you still have commitments to the people at the other end of your connection. Check your work email frequently, remember to keep your appointments with your clients, and if you’re still influence marketing and creating content, remember to keep the updates coming. You can go where you want and even meet online clients in person as a marketing coach, but it’s still a job you need to take seriously.

As a marketing coach and a digital nomad, you can live the wandering life you want and even enhance your business by showing off exotic locations and talking about how you keep your income up. Depending on the products, the nomadic lifestyle can be a big help to your influencer marketing strategy.


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