Things You’ll Need to Be a Successful Wedding Planner


Do you have a passion for weddings? Perhaps you have a natural talent and creative skills that you’d like to put to use? Whether you’ve earned a degree in event management or you’ve helped enough of your friends plan the wedding of their dreams, you could turn your passion into a career. As a wedding planner, you can help couples bring their vision to life. Before getting started, there are some things you should do first.


You may love weddings, have a sense of style and fashion, and have helped a few friends or relatives with their big day, but new clients will want to see the experience. If you’re going to acquire business as a wedding planner, you’ll need to show your ability to get the job done.

This not only includes taking a degree or certificate program in business or event management; it also means having hands-on experience working with couples. Once you’ve finished the educational requirements, you can try to find work as an assistant to another planner to learn more about the industry.


One of the essential parts of being a wedding planner is reducing the stress and tension that your clients may experience. When you have a strong network and adequate resources, it makes it easier to complete your obligations. From the best websites to design wedding invitations to the most affordable wedding vendors, the more resources you have, the better. You can do some research online to find out about the best wedding tools and sites for couples. Another idea is to attend networking events to connect with other professionals in the industry.

Positive Reputation

When couples are looking for a wedding planner, one of the first things they do is ask around or check reviews. They’re checking to see what it was like to work with you. Essentially, if you’re going to acquire new business, what they find needs to be positive.

While mistakes happen and some clients are more challenging to please than others, you must put your best foot forward with each wedding you plan. By being a professional that goes above and beyond to make their day special, your work will begin to speak for itself through online reviews and testimonials. Positive feedback then encourages other couples to give you a try.

Tech Tools and Software

If you’re going to keep track of your many responsibilities as a wedding planner, investing in software and other technological resources is recommended. Event management planning software, for example, is ideal for keeping up with appointments, deadlines, budgets, and client communications.

Marketing Strategy

If you’re going to stand out against the competition, you’ll need to develop a solid marketing strategy to attract your target audience. At the very least, you should have a well-designed website complete with a portfolio and background information and a social media account with consistent content and a growing readership. Depending on your budget, target audience, and resources, you can use tactics like email or social media marketing along with traditional options like business cards, flyers, and attending wedding-related events.

Passion and Drive

To say you love weddings is one thing, but to be a wedding planner is another. If you’re going to be successful in this business, you must have passion and drive. You’ll need these two attributes to get you through the highs and lows. Whether you’re up against a tight deadline or celebrating with your clients and their families at the reception hall, it is your love for love and your tenacity that will get you through.

No matter what’s going on in the world, one thing that never stops is true love. Couples are always taking their relationship to the next step by getting married. As planning a wedding is a lot of work, many of them turn to experts to help make their day everything they’d hoped for. If you’re willing to invest in yourself and your future by acquiring the things listed above, perhaps becoming a wedding planner is the right career path for you.

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