What do You Need to Become an Uber or Lyft Driver


Many people think that in order to become an Uber driver, you just need to drive. Yes, undoubtedly, it’s very important to have a driving license and know what to do once you are in a driver’s seat. But this is not the only condition that is required for you to work in this sphere.

In this article, you will find the list of things one needs to have in order to work as an Uber or Lyft driver.

Driving License

The document should be valid and appropriate with the law of the country you work in. Those who have a brand new license risk not getting a job. The driving experience should be more than one year. But the more years you are driving, the higher chances of getting a job you have.

Such famous companies, like Uber or Lyft, will not trust their reputation and the safety of the passengers to an inexperienced driver. Also, the cars they buy or hire on HyreCar are quite pricey. Therefore, due to the risk that a driver who does not have enough experience can damage a vehicle, they will prefer to employ more experienced people.

Valid ID

Usually, if you are under 20, you will not get this job. Even if you are already legally allowed to drive a car, such companies as Uber will prefer to employ those whose age is above 20.

Medical And Psychological Check-Up Confirmation

While driving for Uber, you will be in constant contact with different people. Therefore, being sure that your physical and psychological health is good is imperative for those who hire you.

Usually, it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a complete health check. Your future employer can also recommend the clinic where you can do it as fast as possible. Without the document that confirms that you are mentally healthy and cannot bear any potential menace to the client, no one will let you take the driver seat in Uber or Lyft.

Background Check

It includes a motor vehicle report and criminal background check. Both of them are very important for your future work. Recent history of driving or law violations may prevent you from getting a job.

A Photo

You will also need to take a forward-facing photo, including your whole face and top of the shoulders, with no sunglasses. The photo should be well lit; all the face features must be visible well enough.

Which Personal Traits You Should Have In Order To Survive As An Uber Driver

First of all, you will have to develop an intuitive comprehension of what kind of person you are dealing with. Some clients can be dangerous, and the sooner you recognize this type of client, the safer you are.

You should become aware which people are better to talk to and which ones prefer to have a quiet ride. Some drivers admit that after the years of experience in this area, they could become psychologists because people are telling them many personal stories. Many people share their personal stories at John Doe.

You should be hard-working. Many people reckon that the job of an Uber or Lyft driver is very easy. Sure, you just spend the whole day sitting, talking with people and sightseeing. Little do they know how tedious this kind of work can be.

Driving many hours in a row requires a lot of patience and energy. It gets even more difficult when you have night shifts. Therefore, being a hard-working person is a must.

Interpersonal skills are also very important in the job of a cab driver. The clients are more likely to leave a negative review about you if they don’t like the service than a positive one if everything was ok.

Therefore, knowing that people like to make negative comments, you should make the comfort of the passenger your utmost priority. A cheerful and friendly driver will always leave a positive impression.

Very often you’ll have to help the passengers. Yes, helping with heavy luggage or giving aspirin, if needed, is not included in your job description. But if you do so, they are very likely to leave some tips for you. Some people are very generous when they see that you do something extra for them. Make your passenger feel special, and it will benefit you a lot.

You will also have to develop your direction orientation. Trusting the maps on the phone is good, but sometimes people decide to take a different route or to make a stop in the place you didn’t expect. You need to know at least the names of the main areas of the city you work in order to avoid confusion.

So, the job of an Uber or Lyft driver probably requires more things than you expected. But don’t get too overwhelmed. As soon as you are hard-working and patient, any job will bring you many benefits.


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