10 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Art Collection


Art Collection has been around for centuries. From cave drawings to the Sistine Chapel to the Mona Lisa to Monet to Andy Warhol. As the world has evolved and changed, artistic interpretations and bold pieces have helped record important moments, shed light on new perspectives, and given meaning to stories. People have made a hobby or a profession out of collecting these important works of art throughout the years. If you‘re interested in starting your own art collection, you’ll be joining the ranks of these individuals who value art and love surrounding themselves with beauty.

Starting a high-quality art collection is not as simple as it may sound. With so much art out there, you’ll want to give some thought to the area of art you’d like to pursue. Original pieces are also rare and require special preservation compared to cheaper prints. There are thousands of artists in the world and while it can be easy to want to support them all, you need to consider a reasonable budget. While you start on this journey of art collecting, here are just a few things to consider before diving in.

Find Your Niche

If you’re investing in art, you want it to be the kind of art you genuinely enjoy. Find your niche. Do you like portraits or landscapes, abstract or traditional, from an older period or modern-day? You decide.

Take Your Time

Buying art can be a costly endeavor, so be sure you have a set budget ahead of time. You also want to take your time when deciding on what to purchase. Don’t blindly trust a dealer. Instead, do your research on what a piece is truly worth. Having patience can often lead to better deals or more unique pieces.

Buy What You Like

At the end of the day, your art collection is for you. So even if one piece is worth more and will be more prestigious for your collection, if you like another piece more, go with that one. Art is meant to be enjoyed, so only invest in pieces you genuinely like.

Learn the Artists

There are thousands of artists out there. In order to get the best pieces right away, get to know your favorite artists. Follow their social media, connect with them, or keep an eye on students about to graduate from art school. You’ll be getting in on the ground floor with artists who are eager to sell their work.

Explore Your Interests

Enjoying art doesn’t have to stop at collecting it. If you found a style you enjoy, explore that further through your own artwork. You may not be a master painter or photographer right away, but through camera rental services such as this Canon rental, you can try your hand at taking great pictures of your own. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on professional equipment, rent it for a short term at a much lower cost.

Protect Your Collection

Once you really get going, your collection may be worth a lot of capital. Protect it with house and contents insurance. Compare prices to find the best coverage limit if a natural disaster ever hits your home and you put in an insurance claim for damaged property. You want to be sure you’ll get the actual cash value back for your art.

Preserve Your Pieces

Artwork, especially older pieces require special care to keep pristine. Be sure the environment in your home provides a safe space for preserving your art.

Keep it Fresh

It’s okay to admit that certain pieces are losing their interest after time. Keep it fresh by rotating certain pieces between storage and being on display.

Know Your Space

Art collectors display their pieces with pride. But before you go ahead with a purchase, you want to be sure it fits within your home. When discovering new art for purchase, know the space you’re hoping to fill and be sure the piece fits the aesthetic of the room it’s going in.

Record Your Wants

With so much art out there, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Consider keeping a journal to jot down your favorite new artists or the title of a piece you hope to one day purchase.

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