Benefits of Asking for Feedback from Employees After a Corporate Event


After hosting it, you should know what your employees think about the corporate event. You can’t call it a success unless you hear what the attendees say. It might seem successful, but these employees have something else in mind. Besides, you also want an honest evaluation. The team that helped you make the event happen might not tell you everything. So here are the benefits of getting feedback from your employees.

You will know what went wrong

Even if it seems things went as planned, there might be some details you missed. Asking your employees for feedback will help you understand these details. You can also ask them to give further information to know what else you can do to improve the activity. But, again, the goal isn’t to dwell on what went wrong but to find a way to fix the issues and not let them happen again.

You make them feel heard

Another reason to ask employees for feedback is to give them a voice in the process. You organise the event for them. So it makes sense to ask for feedback and allow them to speak up. In the future, you should let your employees be a part of the committees too. Even if you decide to work with an organiser, they should still have a role to play.

You can identify other corporate events

You’ve been hosting the same corporate event over the last several years. You have no idea what else to do, or you’re unwilling to give something new a shot. By listening to your employees, you will find a more exciting event. Perhaps, working with a funfair hire company will help you host an exciting fairground. Employees can invite family members to come. It’s a day where everyone can relax and forget about work. It can be stressful to organise this event, but not if you have the right people with you.

You find people who care

Some employees attend the event and go home. Others even felt forced because everyone was there. By asking for feedback, you will find people who care. You will also know who among your employees have leadership potential. Their feedback can offer a glimpse of how they think.

You improve yourself

The event is also a reflection of your leadership skills. If it succeeds, it shows your excellence as a leader. Therefore, it pays to ask for feedback. Sure, you want the next events to be great, but you also want to be a better leader. If you deal with other activities, you will be more confident. You won’t have to rely on many people to get the job done. Even if you have to manage an event that involves thousands of attendees, you won’t panic.

Regardless of the event, you should ask for feedback. For example, host a survey or a focus group discussion. You may also send emails and wait for your employees to respond.

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