What Are the Benefits of Hiring the Best Solar Panel Company?


In seven years, the average cost of a standard solar panel has dropped nearly 70%. The popularity of eco-friendly solar power is so great that government officials expect more than 1 in 7 homes by 2030 will employ rooftop solar.

Good for the environment and a rich free power source, residential solar panels are a great way to save money.

However, determining the best solar panel company for your installation is a big decision. Many businesses that claim high-quality service popping up like mushrooms.

With all this choice, you may be considering installing the solar system yourself instead of hiring a licensed solar company. But unfortunately, this could not only cost you more money in the long run but could cause you physical harm.

In the following article, we’ll tell you the best reasons to hire a solar installer instead of going alone on this significant project.

Your Safety

While solar panels have become lighter, the job is still a significant undertaking. It involves live power, working high above the ground, and hauling pieces of the awkward equipment many stories.

Moreover, roofs are unstable and take some getting used to as a workspace. Extreme pitches, holes, uneven drops, and hard-to-reach areas are all part of the challenges of working a roof.

These dangerous aspects are made riskier due to the potential for inclement weather and poor edge awareness.

Also, the job does take some specialized tools to attach the panels to the roof supports.

Maximizing Your Power Output

Another reason to go with a licensed solar company is that they’ll be able to sell you the correct number of panels. One of the most significant issues with a DYI installation is that the homeowner has bought too many panels and can’t install them in the space or too few. After all, their time and effort aren’t generating enough power.

Electrical Complexity

One major issue with installing panels yourself is properly connecting the panels to power. You need to connect the roof system to the inverter, the grid, and the power backup. This is a complex and high voltage situation. If not left to the installer, this should be carried out by a licensed electrician with experience with solar installations, at the very least.

Licensed solar installers are experts at working with people who can get the job done efficiently and safely.

Warranty and Home Value

Furthermore, there are financial reasons to use a licensed installer.

Some panel manufacturers specify that the equipment’s warranty is null if the equipment isn’t installed by a professional. The job is complicated enough that the solar panel makers don’t want returns from homeowners who damaged the panels through ignorance.

Another great reason to get the panels installed is their added value to the home.

Not only will you save on your utility bills, but you’ll add thousands of dollars to your resale value if your buy the panels outright. Prospective buyers view solar panels as added value, similar to a refinished bathroom or kitchen.

The Best Solar Panel Company Has Experience

No one says that choosing the best solar panel company for your installation will be easy, but you should still consider it over a self-install.

For your physical safety and your finances, choosing a professional installer is one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

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