5 Top Benefits of Peer-To-Peer Fundraising


Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the best things that have happened to the fundraising world. This comes on the back of having a team dedicated to fundraising. Fundraisers, who feel they have the right network, have occasionally tried out this mechanism. And the result, most times, has been nothing short of excellent.

In case you are yet to fully grasp all that accrues from adopting a peer-to-peer fundraising method, then putting the benefits into perspective won’t be a bad idea. This is the direction we shall be trailing in this particular write-up. So, straight to the subject matter, the following are the benefits you get from peer-to-peer fundraising:

1.  Increased Awareness

A fundraising campaign will be just another mirage if no one knows about it. This is why seasoned fundraisers take awareness drives seriously. This is the only logical way to get the best outcome from your fundraising campaign since the donors you’re prospecting are out there. One thing you should know is that the level of effectiveness varies from one awareness method to another.

However, you can look to take advantage of the P2P team to spread the message about your campaign. With such an avenue, you can reach more people and watch the project soar to a greater height. Whether it’s on social media or offline, the team effort will go a long way in creating an effective awareness drive. Each person will get to share the message with those within his/her connection.

It is, however, vital that you be in charge of the whole process. For one, you must be mindful of the communications you will have the P2P team share. You should also invest in attractive creatives – brand elements, email templates, etc.

To wrap it up, you should understand that numbers could sometimes create a mess – or serve you gratifyingly. This will depend on how you manage the team. More importantly, you should commit to giving every member proper orientation. You can teach them about the best strategies to use when engaging people. It would be helpful to see the P2P team acting in sync with the project vision as they reach out to prospects.

2.  Better Chances Of Raising More Donations

An exciting part of P2P fundraising is how it positions you to get more donations. On the surface, this can be seen as an offshoot of the increased awareness feasible with it. Asides from that, your P2P team members will be better placed to convince people in their social circle to give to the cause. With this, you can anticipate bringing your fundraising campaign to a fruitful close quickly.

Pro tip: You should have the right resources in place as you forward to a fundraising windfall. As such, you must have your text-to-give details with link or mobile-giving app ready. This element must be part of the communication your P2P fundraisers will share. A fundraising method that guarantees convenience can even inspire prospective donors to give.

3.  Increased Opportunity of Recruiting New Donors & Volunteers

The P2P fundraising model brightens the chances of getting new donors on board. This comes on the back of the appeal that your story carries. More so, the influence of a P2P fundraising team member on others can be valuable in this regard.

You can urge the team to take a bold step and invite others to join directly. It’s hard not to see the number swell if this is strategically done. The opportunity presented here should be well maximized to reap the benefits wholly.

For instance, you can leave an opening for the recruitment of volunteers. So, your P2P fundraisers should consider pitching the idea of volunteering to folks who do not have money to give. But that’s not all; they can also tell others to like, share and comment (on) your fundraising social media posts. You may never be able to tell how impactful this will be for recruiting new donors or volunteers until you try it.

Pro tip: The creatives/communication on your fundraising campaign must be on point, and you should do things appropriately in this regard. Hire a graphics person to design something (creative) that appeals to people across all age groups.

4.  Boosts The Prospect Of Acquiring Long-term Recurring Donors

By design, the P2P fundraising model i.e. fundraising with help of peers is bound to ensure loyalty, which boils down to every member’s commitment that makes your team thrive. Beyond the frontline team, however, the P2P can be valuable in turning new donors into loyal ones – in no time. This reality is likely a function of your team members’ closeness with their peers.

The donors can keep getting inspired to give based on the relationship with your P2P fundraisers. The P2P fundraising method should be included in the agenda if you intend to run a long-term or large fundraising project. You will get things sorted out in a quick time by doing so.

Pro tip: You should regularly organize fun activities for your fundraising campaign. Such actions will promote bonding and flame the interest of the donors and fundraisers.

5.  Optimization of Limited Resources

You do not need massive resources to start implementing the P2P fundraising model from all that has been discussed. And that’s the beauty of it all – getting tremendous results from scarce resources. Well, you will undoubtedly need committed folks to run the campaign.

You should be good to go once you can build a team of 5 – 6 dedicated P2P fundraisers. That said, you will need to arm them with relevant information about the whole project and let it fly from there.

Pro tip: You should be intentional about the recruitment process. You can start with those in your close circle – friends, families, and colleagues. Pay attention to the responses and interests that people are showing toward your campaign communications. You should act on the positive vibes and address concerns raised by prospects – where need be. You must not leave things on a loose end.


The peer-to-peer model is a fantastic fundraising avenue, and the benefits disclosed in this article are a perfect testament to that assertion. So, the ball is in your court to map out strategies for going about it.


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