The Top Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Factories


Modern factories require reliable operation and, above all else, optimum safety. Lighting plays a major role in both aspects and as technology continues to change the way factories run, lighting needs will become more complex and more demanding.

Particularly during times of peak operation, factory lighting needs to be able to perform for hours on end and this obviously means higher electrical bills, which can seriously eat into a company’s bottom line. The advent of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, however, has changed the game for those factories willing to make the investment.

Making the switch to commercial LED lighting might represent an initial expense, but the savings you’ll make in electricity costs will more than make up for it. But why should you be looking at replacing the traditional bulbs in your factories with LEDs, besides the fact that it will save you money in the long run?

1) Longer life

Due to how they are built and the way they function, LED bulbs will never burn out, just get slightly dimmer over time. A typical LED will last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, which is up to five times longer than fluorescent bulbs and 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

2) Better lighting

In a factory setting, the fewer components, the better. That’s why LED lighting is such a perfect fit – they are able to cover much more ground with fewer bulbs. This means better visibility and happier, more productive employees.

3) Health and safety

Particularly in the manufacturing sector, countless ailments can arise from poor lighting – from migraines through to accidents occurring due to improper lighting. LED lighting is engineered to provide long-lasting, healthy light that promotes wakefulness, good moods and awareness.

4) Adaptable

LED bulbs are actually adaptable to cooler and warmer temperatures as they produce no heat themselves. This means they are suitable for cold storage solutions and outdoor areas where the weather might otherwise cause an issue.

5) Low maintenance

As they last longer, they need to be changed less frequently. However, there are many other maintenance benefits of LED bulbs. There are no filaments or glass enclosures that can break and are able to withstand heavy impact and vibrations. These are common occurrences in a factory, so LEDs are perfectly suited to that environment.

If you’ve been convinced to make the switch to LED lighting today, there are many online outlets such as RS Components that will provide bulb deals on bulbs. There are also plenty of suppliers such as interLED that specialise in providing full lighting solutions for industrial enterprises, though that would be a more expensive option. Whatever you decide, once you’ve made that switch you will immediately start noticing the benefits!


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