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Any businesses that offer accommodation must pay attention to their websites. Most customers will look at a lot of information before choosing where they stay. Review websites will play a huge part, of course. One cannot underestimate the importance of other people’s opinions. However, your hotel’s own website will also help potential guests make their decisions. Few people will book with you if your website looks unprofessional.

Good hotel websites offer plenty of booking information. They also help visitors visualize what the hotel looks like. That means they must use plenty of media tools. Images and videos help, but they add complications to website design and development work. That’s where quality hotel WordPress templates help. With the right theme, you will have all of the tools you need to advertise your hotel, Bed & Breakfast (B&B), or guesthouse online.

Theme designers know this. That’s why there are so many choices available to hotel owners. That can make it really tough to choose the WordPress templates for hotels that will suit your needs. We hope to offer a helping hand with this guide. Here are ten great themes that we feel will serve the needs of most hotel and guesthouse business owners. Each has its own features, so read carefully to find the one that works for you.

1) Oceanic WordPress Theme

A view of the sea is always a great selling point. That’s the stance that the Oceanic WordPress theme takes. The template makes it easy for hotel owners to advertise the stunning views available from their buildings.

The gorgeous lightweight design has plenty of clear space. Visitors’ eyes will get drawn to the crystal clear images and important information as there is no clutter to distract them. You can also customize your front page in real time. This means that any changes you make get reflected on your website instantly. You can tinker with your images and content until you find the perfect balance.

Of course, a good WordPress hotel theme must offer customers the ability to book online. Oceanic has you covered with its Hotel Booking Engine. You can set your forms so they collect all of the information your hotel needs to make reservations for visitors. Beyond that, the theme allows you to accept payments online and to set seasonal prices for your rooms. You can even create automatic emails to inform visitors that their bookings have gone through.

2) HotelBliss Spa & Resort Hotel WordPress Theme

One of the most customizable templates around, the HotelBliss hotel WordPress template has a drag and drop feature. This allows you to pull content modules into pages quickly. You can have full pages set up in a matter of minutes. Better yet, you don’t have to deal with any complicated coding to create a page that really looks the part.

The theme also offers access to the full Cherry plugins suite. This gives you access to a range of other plugins that will help you build the perfect website. Couple that with a choice of multiple layout options and header templates and you can feel sure your website looks unique even though it uses a ready-made template.

The hotel booking feature will ensure you stay on top of reservations. You can even create a custom menu if your hotel has an in-house restaurant. The theme works across all devices and has clean code. This makes it easy to work with and ensures search engines will rank your website when it’s up and running.

3) Dalton WordPress Theme


This modern template offers full 24-hour technical support as standard and comes with the full GNU GPL v3.0 license. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dalton features the same drag and drop Power Page Builder as the HotelBliss theme. That makes it simple to build great website pages that show all that your hotel has to offer.

Created by industry experts, the template allows you to insert custom widgets. You also have access to the Cherry suite of plugins and an array of layouts that you can alter as you see fit. Those new to WordPress templates get plenty of documentation to help them along. This ensures you build a responsive website that all visitors can access.

The theme comes with its own booking plugin. This will prevent you from double booking rooms. It also allows you to set the rates for individual rooms. Beyond that, Dalton has clean code and ensures your site performs well in search engines. Any changes you make get reflected instantly on the site in real time.

4) Bookit Hotel Theme


An ideal theme for small hotels, Bookit also works well for guesthouses and B&Bs. It features a drag and drop Power Page Builder to ensure you get your website up and running as quickly as possible. You also get access to a dedicated technical support team. This means you have guidance at hand 24/7 should you run into any difficulties.

This WordPress booking theme comes with the Cherry suite of plugins and offers visitors the opportunity to book from the site. They can set check-in and check-out dates. You get this information instantly and can maintain your reservations accordingly.

The restaurant menu plugin lets you create a stylish lineup of your hotel’s dishes. The theme also offers support for hotels that sell their own products. It is Ecwid-ready. You can add an online store in a matter of minutes and make your website work even harder for you.

Combine all of that with custom widgets and a set of pre-made headers and you have a great template for those who need to get their websites up and running quickly.

5) Woods Hotel WordPress Theme

The Woods Hotel theme excels when it comes to helping you show off the great features of your hotel. You can build galleries quickly and easily using the theme. Stock each gallery with great pictures and you can help visitors see exactly what your hotel has to offer.
It’s not all about the images, of course. You also need to provide potential guests with plenty of information. This guesthouse WordPress theme has a menu plugin where you can advertise your dishes. You also get access to a layout library that you can use to create a base for your design. Beyond that, the theme integrates with a wide array of plugins and widgets for great customizability.

The theme focuses on fully responsive design, too. You can ensure your site looks great on mobile and desktop devices. Couple that with solid 24/7 technical support and plenty of documentation and you have a theme that will help you show off the best your hotel has to offer.

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6) Monstroid2 Multi Purpose Theme


The Monstroid2 theme doesn’t focus specifically on what hotel owners need. However, it is a great multipurpose theme that can adjust to meet your business needs. Monstroid2 is among the most versatile themes around. This makes it ideal for those who operate multiple businesses. You can build a hotel website one day and then an online store the next. The possibilities are astounding.

Hotel owners will find this theme useful because it focuses on the visual appeal. You can choose from pre-made 9 design options and an array of headers and footers. The theme allows you to create very different websites all in one place. The theme integrates with an array of useful plugins, most notably the MotoPress Hotel Booking and Menu plugins. There’s no need to feel concerned about it not being a dedicated hotel WordPress theme. It still has you covered.

Beyond that, you have access to lifetime 24/7 technical support. The template even helps you create backups quickly using the Jetimpex dashboard.

7) NiceInn WordPress Theme

This elegant B&B WordPress theme impresses immediately as it features the Hotel Booking plugin. You can take bookings instantly online. The plugin will even inform visitors when they attempt to book during weeks where rooms aren’t available. It’s quick and easy, which is exactly what your guests will want.

The NiceInn theme also understands the importance of visuals in the hotel website experience. It features the TM Gallery, which offers several gallery designs. All you need to do is choose the one you want and plug your images in. You can fill your website with images of your rooms and the picturesque surroundings that make your hotel so appealing.

Beyond that, you have access to an array of layout options. Use this to create the base of your website or customize them to make something completely unique. The drag and drop Power Page Builder ensures you have full control over your pages. You can even add the Cherry search function and an array of sidebars to provide even more to visitors.

8) SabBatico Hostel and B&B Theme

The perfect theme for those running small establishments, SabBatico offers everything a hostel or B&B might need. It features the same drag and drop functionality as many of the templates on this list. You can have the basics of your website up and running quickly. The Cherry Projects plugin will even help you organize your content properly.
There’s more from Cherry, too. The Cherry Services plugin helps you highlight each service your establishment has to offer. Cherry Search plugin will ensure your visitors can find what they are looking for without difficulties. You can also include custom widgets if you need something that the Cherry plugins don’t offer.

This WordPress hotel template works across all devices and browsers. You can show the best your website has to offer on screens of any size. It also comes with 500+ Google Font’s integration, giving you access to hundreds of font choices. The theme prioritizes search engine optimization, which means you have all the tools you need to rank among your competitors.

9) Hotel WordPress Theme


The simple name says it all. This is one of the best hotel WordPress themes around. 100% responsiveness is key here. Your website will look great on tablets, phones, and monitors when you use this theme. It also incorporates Parallax scrolling effect. With this, you can create the illusion of depth on a 2D screen and make your website even more attractive.
The Hotel theme features one of the strongest navigational systems around. The MegaMenu integration allows you to boil even the most complex websites down to the basics. You can create categories and subcategories in a matter of minutes. All of this without the need to understand any of the technical code behind the theme.

Beyond that, the Hotel theme uses several MotoPress plugins. The MotoPress Slider allows you to create stunning banners quickly. Don’t underestimate how useful a few high-res images will prove in attracting people to your hotel. The MotoPress Editor also makes it easy to alter your pages on the fly. You can make changes instantly and not worry about anything getting technical.

10) Rocky Hotel WordPress Theme

It’s often difficult to demonstrate the luster of the great outdoors using a website. Not so with the Rocky theme. Hotels that use their scenic surroundings as their selling points will find the design of this theme perfectly suits their needs.

You can edit practically everything in this fully responsive template. From font types to image slider positions, you have full control over how the template displays your content to visitors. The theme also carries the full WMPL certification. That means you can appeal to people of different nationalities. This makes the theme ideal for hotels outside the United States or those in the country that appeal primarily to international tourists.

The two-step installation process makes getting your website up and running a breeze. You get free updates for as long as you use the theme and can even add custom widgets to make your website completely unique. The Advanced Backup feature will also ensure your site stays functional no matter what happens.

These are the best WordPress themes for hotels available in 2018. Each offers something unique to business owners. You can demonstrate what makes your hotel special while handling all of the bookings and business matters that you need to stay on top of.

A great hotel booking WordPress theme must offer full customizability. This selection of themes allows you to make whatever changes you need to make your website great. From image sliders to collections of content modules, you have everything you need to create strong websites with these themes. You won’t ever have to mess with complicated code and a team of technical support professionals can help you every step of the way.

Have you already used one of these themes? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences below. Your views may help other businesses owners choose the right template for their hotels.

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