5 Best Canadian Cities for Accounting Careers

Top destinations for accounting courses in canada

Accounting is one of oldest yet relevant financial professions in world. Certified accountants have gone on to manage huge companies, establish banks and even become celebrated authors. With increasing complexities in financial roles, certified accountants can explore exciting and financially-rewarding roles anywhere in the world.

Canada is one of the prime destinations for pursuing an accounting career owing to its status as an economic super-power and its proximity and trade relations with the USA. Read this blog to learn which Canadian city can become the starting point for your f career.

What Should be your Deciding Criteria for Choosing a Canadian City?

Before finalising on any Canadian city, you should make a list of all your professional priorities and aspirations. Try to look for cities with bigger job market projections for accountants or higher demands. You can also improve the chances of landing an accounting role by increasing your certifications and qualifications.

On the personal front, make a list of the things you require from a potential work destination. It could be an affordable cost of living, the climate, social life and diversity. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto have reasonable climate and great diversity but are expensive. On the other hand, cities like Waterloo and Montreal are cheaper but might have extreme climates. You should make a choice depending on your priorities.

What are the Best Canadian Cities for your Accounting Career?

Here are the top Canadian cities that can be suitable for an accounting career.

  • Toronto: Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is one of the biggest cosmopolitan centres in the world and attracts immigrants and foreign students from different countries. Toronto is one of the biggest financial centres in the country and is the hub for financial start-ups and services. You can explore from a plethora of accounting roles in the city. Although Toronto is expensive, the salaries and pay packages in the city are very high.
  • Ottawa: Ottawa is another large Canadian city in Ontario region which attracts a lot of immigrants and foreign workers. One of the primary benefits of the city is its affordable standard of living as compared to Toronto and Vancouver. Ottawa has a fair number of financial enterprises which can provide job opportunities in the accounting domain.
  • Vancouver: Located in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is a coastal port that is renowned throughout the world for its quality of education and job opportunities. Often termed as the Canadian Silicon Valley, Vancouver is the hub for new companies and start-ups across diverse domains which require accounting and financial consultancy services. Hence, it can be an attractive location for setting up an accounting practice.

Once you’ve finalized your destination, you can find out the top accounting courses in the city and enrol yourself. Pursuing accounting courses from a Canadian university can provide you with an enriching Canadian academic experience and allow you to adapt to the country’s financial system and regulations easily. Check out an accounting course from a reputed Canadian university to kick-start your financial career in the country.


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