A One of Best Digital Currency to Make Money


The capability to generate incredible that is not reproducible in the digital world has huge value.

Bitcoin is a particular case in the world of cryptocurrencies … and crypto investors forget it at their own risk.

As children, we all learn that money does not grow on trees. As a civilization, on the other hand, we are used to thinking that this is not only probable but even that it is a normal, essential, and creative function of our financial system.

Previous to Bitcoin, this privilege was kept for the world’s central banks.

After Bitcoin, it seems like every average person believes they can create their own currency too. It is even there the audacity, in fact, of each person who tries to create another version of Bitcoin. Whether by means of a hard fork of consensus Bitcoin Cash or by creating a copy or by creating a new protocol with “better” aspects (ex: Ethereum), each of these attempts seeks to design a new kind of currency.

Now the world is in 2020, and we see the event of the release of an economic good (bitcoin) on the market for the first time in thousands of years (since the release of gold).

Instead of contemplating the weight of this reality, or trying to understand how and why it is possible, many people miss entirely it and focus on another derivative currency, or on solutions to problems that do not exist. Not even anyway.

Everyone wants to get rich quickly. And as long as there is money, there will also be alchemists. Those who are trying to create another version of Bitcoin are the alchemists of our time.

People tell bitcoin is too lazy, so they create a quicker version. Or, they tell us that bitcoin has the capacity to control the number of activities required by the global marketplace, so they create a version with a larger scale. Bitcoin is volatile to be used as money, so they create a more durable version. And so on.

People also let know that bitcoin is too rigid and that it has to be more programmable, so they make a more supple form. They frequently even tell that their inventions are not money, but, in its place, a vehicle for cash or a medium or even the computer motorized from its own money

They also want to convince us that it is possible to have hundreds, even thousands, of currencies in the world. Think again. Each of these projects is an attempt to create money.

The value of Bitcoin

If the primary (or even unique) interest of an asset is to serve as a medium of exchange for other goods and services, and if it does not give entitlement to a source of income from a productive asset (such as a stock or bond), then it must beat other forms of currency. It will only be used to maintain value if it has credible monetary qualities.

When the basic code of Bitcoin was launched, it was not currency. Even to this day, the Bitcoin code is not a currency.

You can indeed copy this code, create a variant with new properties, but no one will adopt it as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has become currency over time because the Bitcoin network has developed emerging properties that did not exist when bitcoin was created, and which are almost impossible to recreate, now that they exist for bitcoin. You can perform all kind of trade and transaction by using the CFD Trader

These properties emerged organically and spontaneously, as individual economic players around the world evaluated bitcoin and decided to store part of their wealth there.

As the value of bitcoin increased and became decentralized, it became increasingly difficult to change the consensus rules of the network, or to invalidate, or even prevent, transactions considered valid (a property that we call resistance to censorship).

Monetary systems tend towards unity

All other forms of fiat currencies, physical currencies or cryptocurrencies compete for the same niche as Bitcoin, whether they understand it or not. However, monetary systems tend towards unity, because their usefulness comes from their liquidity and not from their demand for consumption or production.


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