Best Examples of Financial Trading Promotions


As time goes by, the financial industry becomes more and more competitive. There are a variety of reasons why competitiveness in the financial industry is important. The efficiency with which financial services are produced may be impacted by the level of competition present, just as it can be in other sectors.

As is the case in other fields, this may have repercussions on the financial services industry’s ability to provide high-quality goods and innovate. In order to allure more and more customers, they often provide users with a myriad of innovative services and promotions. In this article, we’ll give you information on which financial trading promotions are the best examples to attract new customers.

XM Forex Broker Promotions

Since its inception in 2009, XM Broker has grown to serve customers from over 196 countries, and its workforce is fluent in 30 languages. Over 1.5 million traders and investors use XM because of its extensive offering of trading goods and services, including cutting-edge trading solutions that are accessible to novice investors. Since its inception, XM’s mission has been to give its customers one of the greatest user experiences available in the trading business.

As the competition between Forex brokers increases as time goes by, the XM broker, even though it is one of the most popular financial services providers, decided to attract even more customers with the use of generous financial incentives. When it comes to XM bonuses it should be stated that the broker’s deposit bonuses are prominent. Once an account is established on the XM Forex broker platform, all users are given instant access to the bonus system (source:

There is no time restriction on the bonus system, and it will remain in effect indefinitely until the $5,000 cap on cumulative bonuses is reached. To qualify for the XM forex deposit bonus, just register for a genuine account on the XM Forex trading platform.

The XM broker makes it simple to get a deposit bonus, but their withdrawal process is far from basic. And is directly aimed at convincing investors to keep their money in the account.

If you have an XM bonus and want to withdraw money, your broker will deduct a percentage of the bonus equal to the amount you want to take.

A loyalty program is also available to clients of the XM Forex broker. As a result, the upgraded XM Points service has just been released as a perk for use in trading. That has an open subscription policy, so you may sign up or opt-out whenever it’s convenient for you. This is their way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer and joining the XM family.

MasterCard Promotion

Mastercard Inc. is a well-known American global financial services firm, which becomes more and more popular among card users, as time goes by. MasterCard Worldwide announced in 2017 that it would be partnering with the online retailer Amazon to offer its cardholders exclusive discounts and perks when they made purchases via the Amazon website in the run-up to the holiday season. If you use a MasterCard issued in Japan to shop at, every time you spend more than JPY3,000 (tax included) you’ll be entered into a drawing for a JPY5,000 Amazon gift certificate.

MasterCard Worldwide strengthens the global economy by connecting banks, corporations, consumers, and retailers all around the globe. MasterCard is a global franchisor, processor, and counselor that designs and promotes electronic payment systems, handles around 21 billion transactions annually, and offers merchants and clients of financial institutions the best in market research and expert advice. As a result of this campaign, the number of MasterCard consumers has increased by 20%.

Chase Bank

Chase is the retail and business banking branch of New York-based JPMorgan Chase & Co., a U.S.–based international banking and financial services holding corporation. Chase and other banks recognize that enticing new clients with a cash incentive are a win-win situation, so they often make it simple to be eligible for welcome gifts.

The terms and conditions of sign-up incentives differ depending on the financial institution and the kind of account being opened.

Chase checking account bonuses may be earned by a variety of actions, some or all of which include making direct deposits, maintaining a certain level, making debit card purchases, and making bill payments. Chase Secure Banking may help you avoid monthly service fees and minimum balance requirements. There is no minimum deposit required and the monthly cost for a Chase Secure Banking account is just $4.95.

Chase is one of the most generous financial institutions when it comes to signing up new clients for personal and corporate checking accounts. The simple act of switching your banking to Chase may get you a quick and easy few hundred bucks.


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