Best Fintech App Development Trends In 2021


Fintech is the outcome of digital transformation that disrupts business in various ways and comes up with new hopes for companies. As per Deloitte, fintech is a state of the art integration of technology with financial services that companies use to offer improved financial products and services. Additionally, Deloitte reports state that investment in FinTech has risen in 2020 from $12.7Billion to $23.4 billion in 2021.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has proven that physical presence is not that important for several aspects of financial services like customer validation. The fluidity of data and digital activities will together bring success in the coming days. So, here we are up with the best fintech app development trends, now in 2021 to beyond.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the newest entrant to the category of  Fintech company trends. AI is known for managing increasing financial cybercrime, threats, financial frauds, social media hacking etc. But, the Best finance app development companies contribute an imperative role in controlling commercial threats and scams, misuse of data, cybercrime and many more issues. On the other hand, it also helps customers through client service solutions.

A customer can contact the company through chatbots and have the solutions to the problem; hence, artificial intelligence (AI) will become regular usage in the future. However, it will also allow companies to serve immediate customer support to upgrade their experience. Further, there is an expectation to reach $60 billion, where the finance industry will invest $10 billion by the end of 2021.

  • Biometric Solution

Financial and banking application development has made financial transactions so easy and more convenient just with a fingerprint. However, there is also a risk of security That leads to increasing cybercrime in the coming days. Here is the need when a biometric security solution comes into existence. Many banks and financial companies use this confidential security system to safeguard the data. Furthermore, nowadays, this security system is becoming the fintech industry trend across companies.

  • Blockchain Technology

Another coming trend of FinTech is blockchain technology. According to experts’ estimations, this trend will transform the financial sector on a worldwide level. Further, blockchain technology inspires app development agencies from India to develop various online business platforms. However, it will help in improving the currency system. Hence, with the commencement of blockchain technology, different banks have started using this to reduce the expanses & to enhance internal operations.

  • Open Banking

Open banking is one of the popular trending applications. It brings financial technology, companies, and banks together and allows them to network data. There are other areas, including banking, which are associated with system administration. Where open financial innovation helps control the banks and shields the customer’s Information from an outsider application. As per a report, open banking created $7.29 billion out of 2018. Furthermore, the prediction came that it would reach $43.15 billion by 2026.

Besides this open banking trend helps lower debt, quicken decision making and increase wealth production. In any case, the representatives of FinTech, their customers, banking organizations, and surprisingly, those networks that serve can have profited from this innovation.

  • RegTech

Regtech is a short name for regulatory technology. Here it is used to manage the regulatory procedure through technology in financial companies. Regulatory technology is the Fintech App development trend of 2021 & beyond, which will comply, report and monitor functions. However, this trend authorizes companies with the special power of innovative applications to make the compliance procedure easy with current laws.

The immense growth in digital products has increased data breaches, fraudulent functions and other cyber threats. Further, Reg Tech lessens the administrative overhead and ensures financial stability. Moreover, it protects customers with the help of machine learning development services.

  • Gamification

Moving forward with another financial technology trend of 2021 is gamification. This solution blends the gaming function into other industries. Here practice is required to raise engagement levels and to improve the customer experience.

For example- app development agencies from India develop various customized programmes like educational videos, cashback rewards, quizzes, kids gaming etc.


All the above best FinTech app development trends will take financial services and banking to the next level. It is not only limited to 2021, but it will grow beyond this year. Even though these trends will be upshot with fast transactions, improvement in client assistance, transparency, and the availability of financial information will increase.

Thus, To make the results of FinTech evident, various success stories tell how financial software comes into FinTech and brings multiple benefits for companies. However, some companies have to begin to use solutions to improve their company’s performance. So, for what are you waiting?


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