8 of the Best Giveaway Items for your Next Event


When people leave your event, you’ll want their last thought to be positive. One of the best ways to leave a good last impression is with giveaways that ensure people take home a useful item that will remind them of their time with you. A well-designed giveaway doesn’t just boost your reputation as an event host; it’ll help your company or any of your sponsors by reminding people of the quality product every time they use it.

There are many items that make the perfect giveaway item for your next event, including:

1) Hot and Cold Packs

This may seem like an unconventional choice, but it’s an item that people are less likely to buy at the store and will be happy when it is given as a free item. The people who use hot and cold packs the most include athletes who might need them after exercise or parents with injury-prone kids. You’ll want the hot cold pack you give out to be durable and flexible enough for repeated use.

2) Cups

If you want an item that’ll get consistent use at a low cost to you, cups are perfect. You can offer stadium cups, mugs, water bottles, tumblers, or any other style that’s easy to use. Keep in mind the type of event you’re hosting when picking the perfect model.

This is also an opportunity to get more creative. If you’re willing to put in the investment, you can personally brand the cups you give out and give people a lasting reminder of your event and brand every time they take a sip or open the cupboard.

3) Hand Sanitizer

People are using hand sanitizer more than ever, and this is an item people will use both during the event and after it. It’s also an item people will offer others, so this is an opportunity to spread your brand. A unique display model relevant to your brand can help to set you apart. If you want an alternative hygiene-themed giveaway, packages of antibacterial wipes can fill the same role.

4) Face Masks

Few people like wearing them, but face masks are becoming standard for any large indoor event. Why not turn it into an opportunity? Create a fun and cheerful design, and use machine-washable and breathable fabric to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible. Your company’s brand on the mask means the people who wear it will be giving you free advertising long after the event.

5) Bags

The tote bag is the ultimate event giveaway, to the point, it’s become standard. But it’s a convenient choice for several reasons. They’re always useful and can be used to carry other event swag. Think about the type of bag your attendees will find the most use out of and make sure it’s big enough to carry any other products they’re likely to take home from the event. If you’re hosting an expo or convention, a good bag can be a lifesaver for attendees.

6) Speakers and Headphones

If you’re looking for a slightly higher-end giveaway, speakers and headphones are excellent choices for tech-savvy attendees. Virtually everyone uses them now, especially when commuting, and they can get lost easily. Bluetooth models are the latest technology and are compatible with almost all cell phones. An alternative is a solar speaker, which is both eco-friendly and convenient when away from outlets.

7) Cell Phone Accessories

Virtually every attendee will have a cell phone in their hands, and they come with many accessories that can get lost. Popular giveaways for tech-heads include chargers, cases, screen protectors and cleaners, and phone stands. Make sure your model is equal to or superior to the standard model to ensure your attendees get good use out of them and don’t forget that company branding when possible.

8) Notepads and Writing Instruments

If your attendees are a little more analog, pens and notepads are some of the most popular giveaways. Notes make a convenient place to put the company brand on the cover, and pens, highlighters, or markers can have it along the side. If you have many journalists attending your event, this is a perfect opportunity to get them to write with your brand’s product.

The Perfect Parting Gift

A good swag bag or giveaway item is the perfect way to make your mark at a convention or event. A company that makes a savvy choice will make long-time impressions. Make sure to select an item relevant to your audience, and keep the momentum going between every year’s event.


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