Best-of-Breed Tech: What You Should Know


Companies need the best solutions to streamline processes, manage customers and organize teams. Businesses will often use one piece of software, but this strategy can have its complications. A one-size-fits-all tech model is not always a good fit.

Instead, medium to large enterprises are increasingly looking for best-of-breed tech products to fill their needs. Here are some of reasons why they’re making the switch from a one-size-fits-all platform to the individual products that are the best in their industry.

Utilizing Multiple Solutions

When you use a best-of-breed approach, you can tailor your tech to suit your specific requirements. This approach may require different platforms and vendors, but the most important thing is that they all work together. The finished result should be personalized to your company, but in a way that feels seamless. Some vendors are able to offer a range of best-of-breed tech products and solutions.

Minimizing Risks

When you allocate all of your networking requirements to one solution, the security risk may be increased. If one area is vulnerable and is the target of an attack, the rest of your products may also be affected.

This is also the case if one of your solutions ceases to exist. Spreading your services between multiple products will give you the peace of mind that you can modify them if you need to. When companies are dedicated to a few specific areas rather than a long list of general ones, it allows for more advanced technology and innovative features.

Providing Customer Service

Customers are one of the most important parts of any business, and technology can help you to manage them more effectively. With best-of-breed tech solutions, communication will be made easier. One way you can do this is with call center software. Look for a solution that offers premium features to support your medium to large enterprise. Inbound and outbound voice, automated services and customer contact are just a few features worth investing in. Your call center software can be part of a best-of-breed solution when combined with performance management, analytics, quality management, optimization and workforce management.

The Newest Technology

Companies that focus on best-of-breed tech are often at the forefront of the industry. Quality brands are always looking to create exciting new products and upgrades. This can be beneficial to companies who are interested in being tech-savvy and maintaining their network security measures.

Meeting KPIs, recording and evaluating data, scheduling staff based on forecasts and gaining valuable customer insights are all possible in a collaborative, best-of-breed tech approach.

Choosing a Best-of-Breed Solution

When it is time to select a solution, you should be clear about the functions you need. These types of products cater to a specific niche, and although the cost may be more expensive to implement multiple solutions, it could be well worth it. Investigate whether there is a once-off fee or an ongoing cost, which should include updates and maintenance. While a best-of-breed solution can be more difficult to implement than an integrated system, the personalization and advanced features could take your business to the next level.

The size and functions of your company will determine the type of tech solutions you need. If you are looking for a long-term system, choosing the best of the best functions from a range of different products could make the day-to-day running and future planning a much simpler process.


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