5 Best Online Marketing Courses You Can Get for Free


The world of online marketing is ever-evolving, often brought about by the changing digital landscape and technological breakthroughs. Marketers are expected to constantly update their knowledge to keep up or even get ahead of competitions. One of the best ways to do this is to arm themselves with new knowledge and refresh their skills.

Easier said than done. The cold hard truth is that learning takes time and costs money. But it doesn’t always have to be the case if you know where to look. The digital sphere is saturated with useful information and a plethora of marketing courses. And the good news? A lot of them won’t cost you anything at all.

Whether you’re looking to grow your audience and drive traffic to your website or get the most out of your Google ads, you’ll find resources that will fit your marketing needs. Take a look at some of these gems and plunge into the world of learning, allowing you to realize your potential and hone your marketing expertise.

Content Marketing Certification Course

HubSpot offers a wealth of free resources for its visitors. All you need to do is to sign up in a few easy steps. One of their offerings is the Content Marketing Certification Course that can help you become an effective content marketer. This free course teaches you how to do the following:

  • Produce a content creation framework,
  • Create and repurpose content for your human readers and search engines
  •  Develop strategies week in and week out.

The course is geared toward marketing professionals and content producers and comprises 12 lessons with 56 videos. It will take you approximately 6 hours and 20 minutes to complete. Once done, you can even get a certification for free.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your digital marketing skills without spending a dime, Google Digital Garage is the best place to go. The site offers a myriad of courses under three categories, including dozens under digital marketing. One of their free online courses is the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, which can help you master the basics of digital marketing and get a certification after completion. Even better, this course comes with accreditation from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

This particular course has 26 modules, all packed with practical exercises and real-world examples, which means you can put your knowledge into practice. The course can be self-paced, allowing you to go through each module in your own time. It is enhanced by video tutorials, making it easier to follow. Plus, you can have unlimited access to it.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course covers building your web presence, planning your online business strategy, getting started with search, and improving search campaigns, among many others.

Introduction to Personal Branding

Building a brand and solidifying its identity can take a lot of time and effort. You can learn all about it by taking a free course from the University of Virginia offered through Coursera called Introduction to Personal Branding. After completion, some of the skills you can gain include personal branding, social media, management, and brand management. The course only takes approximately 7 hours to complete, and you can take 100 percent online. It also offers flexible deadlines so you can go through modules at your own pace. After completing the course, you’ll be able to earn a shareable certificate.

The modules within this course include Creating your Brand’s Maintenance Plan, Establishing Your Brand’s Digital Home, and Online Identity.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship is an integral part of every marketing effort. Without it, the foundation of your brand won’t be that strong and resilient. You can enhance your knowledge and skills around customer experience by taking the free Customer Relationship Management course from edX. This free course will help you implement strategies, practices, and technologies to win and retain customers. You will be able to understand the advantages of building a strong customer relation.

Some of the topics covered in this course include customer retention, customer centricity, customer lifetime value, and customer value management.

Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Where to better learn the ins and outs of social marketing than with the social media giant, Facebook, itself? Facebook offers a free Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate developed in partnership with Coursera. This certificate helps you gain in-demand social media marketing skills that tackle topics ranging from content creation and social advertising to branding and measurement.

At the end of the course, you will get a certificate that you can share across your social profiles, resume, or portfolio.

Wrapping Up

For many marketers, learning never stops. There will always be new trends and updates that will change the playing field. To remain competitive and relevant, it’s only sensible to arm yourself with ample knowledge and skills year after year. These free courses are an excellent start to do just that.


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