Best Advice for Phone Interviews in 2018


Accounting recruiters in San Francisco may have found a great candidate for their client, but the caveat is they live in Georgia. Instead of spending money to bring the candidate to San Francisco, recruiters and financial headhunters will typically conduct telephone interviews. Telephone interviews have grown in popularity over the years, but yet people still struggle with having successful phone interviews.

These are tips that you can follow that will increase your phone interview skills.

Take as Seriously

A phone interview is just as, if not more, important than an in-person interview as a phone interview can be used to weed out potential candidates. Phone interviews are to be taken seriously, and candidates should follow the same steps they would for an in-person interview. Prepare for common interview questions, research the company, get your resume ready, and dress the part.


In an in-person interview you should not have your phone ringer on, nor should you be watching a movie or television. Make sure you turn off the call waiting on your phone so you are not distracted when a call or voicemail comes through. Turn off any other phone or devices you have so you cannot hear the notifications come through, and definitely make sure you turn off the television.

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Listen More Talk Less

It can definitely be easier for you to dominate the conversation since you are on the phone. Through your interviewing training, you may have taught yourself to listen in person, but may go into more relaxed phone habits during your phone interview, like you are on the phone talking to a friend or family member. Remember to listen more, and when you speak think about the rate you are speaking and your tone.

Send a Thank you note

Thank you notes work just as well for phone interviews, as they do for in-person interviews. You are simply thanking someone for their time and consideration.


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