6 Best Recording Software for Social Media Marketers


What do you do when you check your accounts on social platforms? It is unlikely that you only chat with your friends, colleagues, or relatives. For the most part, we check social platforms and watch tons of videos daily. We watch video clips of our friends, entertainment clips, as well as videos created by various companies and brands.

Companies have long realized that such platforms are indispensable resources for connecting with users, finding new customers, as well as increasing brand awareness. Moreover, companies prefer not to simply publish standard commercials that few people may be interested in. Instead, they are developing video projects on various topics.

Brands create entertaining video projects that can cheer up users. They involve everyone in their tutorials, talk in more detail about their products and services, post testimonials from loyal customers, and more. On their websites, companies are unlikely to achieve this level of engagement, so they create short videos, as well as long videos depending on the platform, and publish them.

The most viewed and shared clips are the various instructional clips and product demos that marketers can create quickly and easily with computer screen recording software at their fingertips, such as Komodo Technologies. Therefore, every marketer should know what tools to use for screen capture and voice recording.

We will talk about the most preferred options of programs that can be used by both freelancers and any specialists involved in the development of marketing strategies for social platforms.

What’s the best screen recording software you can use to boost your brand’s visibility on social platforms?


Among the various available apps that you can consider, you can pay attention to this tool that does not require installation. You only need to use one of the most popular browsers, Chrome, to take advantage of this online helper to record what happens on your screen.

Whatever type of clip you choose, you can easily create it and record audio along with all your footage. After creating your video project, you can quickly share it on your platforms, and using various social media tools, you can analyze the success of your publication.


Understandably, many marketers may think that if they need to find the best recording software, then it obviously will not be free. However, this is not the case, since you can easily download this program for both Windows and Mac and you do not need to pay for anything. It may not seem so simple at first glance, but if you remember which keyboard shortcuts you can use for a particular function, then in the future you will quickly create your projects.

This tool may offer an image editing feature if you need to post a screenshot. However, if you will be making clips, you may want to use third-party video editing software before posting to impress your followers.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Creating engaging clips for various social platforms doesn’t have to be hard work. Not all marketers can boast that they know how to use advanced applications that are expensive. In this case, if you don’t want to overpay for features, then you should use this software to record screen and audio, where you can create high-quality video projects without any professional training.

You will quickly learn how to record a screen on Windows as this program offers a smooth learning curve and many advanced features. In addition to the standard features, you can draw while recording, record very good-quality clips, add captions, and much more.

NCH Debut Video Capture

Even though the interface of this PC screen recording software may seem dated at first glance, you will find it very functional and useful. It also doesn’t offer any editing tools, but for basic use it’s perfect.

You can choose how to record your project, whether it’s full screen or specific parts of it. In addition, you can decide whether the cursor will be present on your project. If the basic functions are not enough for you, then among the content creation tools you will find other useful programs that will help bring your project to perfection.

Active Presenter 9

To understand what the tool is capable of, marketers prefer to use the free version first. The free version of this best screen recorder will pleasantly surprise you because it offers you to create video materials without any limitations. You will be able to create projects without a watermark, as well as save them in formats suitable for social platforms.

If your goal is to teach your followers something new with the help of your projects, then this tool will come in handy. It offers visually pleasing templates, icons, and more. You can also use it to create quizzes.


Working in a small business, marketing may not have enough budget, so expensive software can be an unattainable dream. Instead, you should take advantage of this PC screen recording software, which offers the most essential features for creating tutorials and instructional videos for free.

Its biggest advantage is that if you want to create videos that your followers can also watch without sound, then you can use the annotation tool to create captions for your project. In addition, this program helps you create small-size clips that you can quickly share on social platforms. To increase the success of your project, you should additionally use content marketing tools so that your projects become viral, and your subscribers willingly share them with their friends on social platforms.


Social platforms play a big role not only in the lives of ordinary users but also in the success of various brands. Companies communicate with their customers using various platforms and often use video materials in their strategies. On such platforms, you can post various tutorials and product demos that you can create with the screen capture software. The above-mentioned tools offer many features for both professionals and hobbyists.

Depending on your goals and budget, you can find both paid and free apps. On top of that, each tool offers different features, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your video projects.

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