7 Best Sites to Sell Your Products Online


Before this internet and e-commerce came to the world, newspapers, sales, and many other places were there where you can sell your products without owning a store but during this time, you can use different apps and websites where you can sell whatever you want to from any corner of the world to anyone. You can make extra cash by selling anything and from anywhere without even moving from your place or without having to leave your house.

1) Amazon

You all have heard about Amazon. It’s dominating more than half of the retail sales online. It’s one of the first places that comes to your mind when you think about selling or buying something. It’s an American multinational technology company. They also offer app-only benefits which will make it easier and faster for you to sell or buy.

There are 2 plans. Individual one and professional seller plan which comes with monthly subscription fee and has per-item selling fee. You can have customized shipping rates. The individual one has the same perks But with an Individual plan, there is no monthly subscription fee. Instead, you pay a small fee per item sold.

2) eBay

eBay is one of the longest and most familiar marketplaces when it comes to selling products online. If you’re selling on eBay, you will be charged an insertion fee when you create a listing and a final value fee when your item sells. eBay also provides seller protection, managed payment options, growth tools. eBay is much more secure and buyers feel confident about their information being protected.

3) Bonanza

This company is the newest to the market and is doing extraordinarily well. It is one of the large growing communities online. the fees for selling on Bonanza are relatively minimal and are based on the final offer value. The selling fee is 2.5 percent of the Final Offer Value and the benefits here are that you don’t have to pay the listing fee. Bonanza has been ranked number 1 for best customer service, most recommended, and best for communication.

4) Etsy

Etsy is the best marketplace for vintages, handmade art, and crafts. Here you can sell jewelry, handmade home décor, and clothing too. Etsy charges low fees to post products for purchase. To sell on this platform, you have to pay 20 cents per post. Their posts are valid for up to four months and you’ll need to relist the item if those items don’t get sold in those 4 months. There’s a 5% transaction fee.

5) Wizishop:

This is an e-commerce solution with a lot of potentials that has just gone international. Wizishop offers low maintenance fees and low service fees. Here you can sell any item of your wish and can earn from any corner of the world.

6) Facebook Marketplace

This platform doesn’t give you a store-like feel. This is new and ruling over the internet. The high popularity of Facebook gives you free exposure. you can sell new or preowned items from a range of categories that include electronics, clothing, and accessories. There are no listing fees, but there are specific requirements and guidelines that you must follow.

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7) Swappa

This platform works differently compared to other ones. Here buyer has to pay instead of the seller and that price is always included in the sales price. you can sell electronic items like iPhones, phones, and laptops that are in good working condition, and the payments are made through PayPal. This platform did a great job with fraudsters which helps in gaining buyers’ trust.


In conclusion we All should say a big thanks to the internet, now having no physical store won’t be a barrier for anyone to start their own business.it is getting so easier to make money from your venture whether it’s a big one or a small one. There are tremendous opportunities to start your business by selling online. The Internet deserves appreciation. the listed platforms will make it easy for you all to start selling your products.


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