102 Best Small Business Ideas – Start Your Own Business


Do you have a dream of running your own small business but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering how to find a part-time job that will bring you both joy and decent money?

If you’re looking for great new business ideas that will give you a nudge in the right direction, consider yourself lucky. This article is exactly what you need.

Below are 101 profitable business ideas to help you set up your own business in a variety of industries, from cleaning services and pet care to retail and technology.

The choice is breathtaking. You are sure to find something that suits your talents and needs.

Home Business Ideas

1) Makeup Services

Do you know how to use make-up to draw attention to advantages and hide mistakes? Do your friends trust you with their makeup for parties and weddings? Why don’t you take it as a part-time job? It’s easier than you might think! For only $ 250- $ 500, you can start your own beauty business from scratch! With due care and patience, it can be a great way to generate additional income or become a full-time position!

2) House Meeting

While not the most profitable minor matter, it is still a great opportunity to live in different countries (exotic ones included!) Without paying a dime for rent. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

3) Nanny

If you think that taking care of other people’s children is for teenagers and students, you are wrong. This is a high paying job for people of all backgrounds and ages. And if you agree to work nights and weekends, you might be sitting on a gold mine!

4) Window Cleaning

When you look through the window, you want the world around you to be clear and bright. Dirty windows have never made anyone happy. There is a constant need for window cleaning agents, especially among the owners of tall office buildings.

5) Real Estate Manager

Do you know someone who rents a house or an apartment? You may need someone to run your affairs. This is a great side business that won’t take much effort from you. But you will still have obligations. Prepare to be available at all times. Your tasks include billing the rent, organizing repairs and other work, and dealing with emergencies. That’s a job worth considering if you ask us!

6) Renting a Room through Airbnb

The Airbnb platform is a great way to make money renting a vacant bed or couch to travelers visiting your city. In addition, there are many opportunities to meet new people and even make friends. You can rent a bed or an entire house – the choice is yours. But don’t think that all you have to do is sit back and watch the money pour in. In addition to the exciting adventure, it is a great responsibility to receive other people at your home. You have to keep your apartment clean, be available to your guests around the clock and make their stay as pleasant as possible.

7) Carpet Cleaning

One common thing like a rug has the power to transform any home so it’s cozy and comfortable. However, over time, carpets tend to collect dust, dirt, allergens and microbes. So there is no doubt that carpet cleaning services will always be in high demand. It would be a shame not to take this opportunity to start a part-time business. To get started, you’ll need to purchase equipment and tools (vacuum cleaners, carpet brushes, cleaning supplies, etc.). Or you can rent the equipment for the weekend. By cleaning for five to ten customers on Saturdays and Sundays, you can cover your rental expenses and make some money on top of that. If your business is successful, you can buy your own tools and increase your prices.

8) Property Valuation

The best thing about this part-time job is that you can work several hours a day from home. Great chance to make some extra cash, right? Although you do not need a university degree to carry out the property valuation, you still need the access data to prove your expertise in this area (licenses, certificates, etc.). Plus, you need to know all the ins and outs of the real estate market. One good thing about this business is that you have a huge pool of potential clients (brokers, real estate agents, banks, etc.).

9) House Cleaning

If you’re looking for something more challenging than cleaning windows, try house cleaning. Along with cleaning the interior, you’ll be maintaining lawns, windows, roofs, garages, and more. With a wide range of tasks, you have to stock up on cleaning agents and accessories. Alternatively, you can hire other people to do the work while you manage administration and customer relationships. Still in doubt if this business is for you? Try working for a cleaning company to get to know the business from the inside out.

Business Ideas for Designers

10) Graphic Design

With some knowledge of graphic design, it will be a lot easier for you to get started in this area. However, if you don’t know anything about design, don’t worry. With modern programs and guided tours, even a grandma can master the basics of graphic design. Open Adobe Illustrator, Stencil or Visme and off you go! There is nothing that cannot be done with the right level of imagination and motivation. In a few months, people will be eager to pay you to create and edit images for their projects.

11) Web Design

Nowadays, intelligent web designers are essential for any IT company. It’s not surprising that web design is one of the most popular part-time job ideas. This craft is about making the user experience on a website smooth and intuitive. Returning visitors are the best proof that a web designer has done a good job. With websites restarted every day, you can count on a steady stream of customers.

12) Presentation Design

Yes, you read it right. Even sharing a PowerPoint presentation can be a real challenge, especially if the person creating it is not a technician. Your help can be needed here!

13) Interior Design

Redesigning your bedroom or kitchen requires a lot of experimentation and creativity. For some people, matching different textures and materials is a nightmare that they want to avoid. If you think the opposite, consider turning your passion for interior design into an additional source of income. What could be better than combining work and fun?

14) Collecting Art

Let’s clear that up from the start. Do not confuse collecting art with thoughtlessly buying objects of doubtful artistic value. Collecting art takes patience, dedication and an enormous investment of time. Once you understand and truly love art, you can start targeting art students at your local university. However, this is not a quick buck business. You have to be patient and forward-looking. Many students like to sell their painting or sculpture for next to nothing, but in a few years, their work can cost thousands of dollars. You just have to wait and see.

15) Flower Shop

Without joyful events, our days would be more bleak. Fortunately, we live in a world with birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other beautiful holidays. Flowers are an integral part of any vacation. Selling them is quite a lucrative business, with profits of 300% and more. By working with reliable suppliers on good terms, you can keep your costs low. If you are considering the option of entering the flower market, make sure your geographic location is suitable for this type of business.

Online Business Ideas

16) Web Development

It’s no secret that web development skills are valued. If you think you will never master something as complicated as web development, you are mistaken. Today there is no shortage of comprehensive guides and easy-to-use tools to help you. When it comes to web development, your most important asset is a flexible mind. To learn how to create and maintain websites, you can sign up for one of many online courses (Treehouse, Web Developer Bootcamp, etc.).

Once you master the basics of HTML, Ruby, Python, Javascript, or CSS, take on some real projects to improve your skills and put together a good portfolio. When you’ve gained enough experience and built a solid customer base then you can give it a try and become a full-time web developer.

17) App Development

Today there is an application for literally everything. However, new programs are released every day. The surprising thing is that most of them find users. It seems that the app market is far from saturated. If you’ve found a niche in the market, go for it! But first, you need to know how to write the code (or find an experienced developer to do it for you). The most important thing, however, is to make sure your idea sells. It doesn’t have to be a life changing application. It just has to be useful to certain people. If your app is successful, it can encourage you to take on more challenging projects or even explore related industries, such as product release management.

18) Online Journalist

One of the best things about the modern digital world is that you don’t need a college degree to work in various fields, including journalism. News websites are looking for smart and fast journalists who cover local news. On some media platforms (The Examiner, HuffPost, etc.), your salary will depend on the advertising revenue per item.

19) Blog

If you think blogging isn’t a real profession, think twice. Today, thousands of bloggers are creating engaging (and useful!) Content on a variety of topics, from travel and movies to cooking to cars. To have a steady flow of income, you need to build a strong audience. Sometimes this is harder to do than creating engaging content. How can you get new people excited about your content and keep your existing readers happy? First, you need to figure out what type of content your audience wants to consume. Second, you need to constantly improve your writing skills, experiment with fresh ideas, and explore new topics. Think about it: you can make good money just by writing about the things you like (electronic devices, Travel, foreign languages, etc.). Seems like a dream job to us!

Once you’ve attracted enough readers, you can begin to analyze their preferences and expectations more deeply. Your job is to customize your content to make it unique and useful to your audience.

20) Domain Name Trading

Domain name trading is hardly a young company. Some experts believe that the golden days of this industry are over. Top domain names have long since disappeared from the market. For example, Insure.com sold for a whopping $ 16 million in 2009. That said, there are still many options that you can buy cheaply and then sell at a higher price. How do you enter this niche? Get started with useful tips from GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name repository. If you put in the effort to analyze and select potential hits, they could make you stink rich in just a few years.

21) Youtube Channel

As with blogging, the first thing that matters here is whether you can be useful to your audience. Be sure to improve your skills in creating engaging video content. This is a surefire way to expand your customer base to a few thousand. When you have a large audience, companies will be willing to pay you to promote their products and services in your videos. And that’s a stable source of income. You can take inspiration from several YouTubers who are making good money on their channels. In addition to content and audience, your success as a beginner YouTuber depends on your talents, flexibility, timing, and a lot more. By skillfully controlling these factors, you have the opportunity to build a multi-million dollar company. They find out,

22) Online Courses

What makes part-time job ideas really nice is the opportunity to make money by doing things that you like and are good at. If you consider yourself an expert in a particular field, you can start an online course on one of the many learning platforms available. People will be willing to pay you to share your knowledge with them. It is a win for both sides that makes both sides happy.

23) Online Coach

If you are passionate about anything in the world (from finance to psychology) why not give personal coaching a try? As with online courses, this is a great opportunity to turn your hobby into a financially rewarding part-time job. You have to be careful though. Don’t overestimate your abilities. Never make promises to your customer unless you are sure you can help them.

24) Hiring of Subcontractors

If you already have an established freelance business, it seems like a smart idea to outsource some of your responsibilities to other people. So you can have more free time and keep (or even expand!) Your customer base.

25) Online Assistant.

If you consider yourself to be an organized person with multiple talents, try working as an online assistant. Check out Elance, Indeed, or Upwork. There are many people out there who are looking for personal assistants. This sideline has a number of advantages: you can make useful connections, meet influential people, and improve your multitasking skills. Another great advantage is that you can work from home and thus have a flexible schedule. This is especially important when you have to move around a lot and don’t stay in the same place for too long. As an online assistant, you can travel as much as you want!

26) English Teacher

Teaching English as a second language is both a permanent source of additional income and a chance to travel the world and explore different cultures. Ideally, you need to be a certified ESL teacher, but that’s not a must. If you are a native speaker, you can teach English on Skype. In some countries (UAE, Hong Kong, etc.) people are willing to pay $ 25 an hour for online English lessons. In addition to excellent language skills, this part-time job requires the ability to explain difficult concepts in simple words.

27) Selling Custom Products from Amazon

Not only is Amazon an IT giant and pioneer, it’s also a huge marketplace where you can find pretty much anything. You don’t need any special skills or talents to sell items from Amazon. But you will not create money out of anything. You still have to work a little. Research the markets for popular generic drugs (cups, glasses, watches, etc.). Choose the products that you want to sell under your own brand. The main thing is to develop a detailed, long-term sales strategy in order to successfully introduce your product.

28) Completing Online Surveys

That may not be the most exciting side business. Still, people get paid to fill out online surveys, and you can be one of them. This job offers few career prospects, so it is best to do this in your free time outside of your main job.

29) Buy Websites

You may never have thought of it, but websites are valued and traded on stock exchanges like stocks. While some are considered junk, others are worth investing in. Websites are being sold and bought all the time. When making a purchase decision, consider factors such as traffic, profits, domain name, etc. As you can see, this part-time job requires a deep understanding of the website market. With the right approach, you can find a real gem of a website that will give you a steady flow of income.

30) Mobile Laundry

We all wear clothes and clothes tend to get dirty. That is why laundry services will always be a profitable business. In the US, the laundromat market is over $ 3 billion. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Every year the industry expands with new services: mobile laundries, pick-up, and delivery laundries, mobile apps to find laundries near you, etc. As you can see, the opportunities to make money are abundant.

Freelance Business Ideas

31) E-Book

Have you ever thought about presenting your knowledge and skills in the form of an electronic book? For some people, your book can become a source of valuable guidelines that they cannot find anywhere else. Your book can help those who want to discover new things, master a rare job, or start a business. The most important thing is to find your target audience and address them properly. You can even get your work published and launch your own brand. So if you have something to talk about and your writing skills are pretty good, take this chance!

32) Text Editing and Correction

As long as there is text, the editors have work to do. Editing and correcting texts is not as easy as it seems. It requires excellent language skills and concentration. Along with a good paycheck, you will get access to interesting content. You can also work from home – or from anywhere in the world. Both businesses and individuals need people to create, edit, and proofread text materials. You will find thousands of job vacancies at Upwork. You are sure to find one that suits you best.

33) Copywriting

Many website owners hire copywriters to create standard pages such as About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Press, etc. Beginning copywriters have to settle for low prices. If you choose to do copywriting as a part-time job, prepare to work hard and put a lot of effort into building a worthy portfolio. Once you become a pro, you can make more money as a copywriter than with a nine to five-year office job.

34) Voiceover Services

If your voice is soft, resonant, or in some way distinctive, then why not make money off what nature has given you? Video game developers, animation filmmakers, and instructional video writers are all willing to pay good money for voiceover services. It’s a great part-time job that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Find out about job vacancies at PeoplePerHour, Freelancer and Upwork.

35) Translator

If you are good at foreign languages ​​and love the quiet of work at home, you should consider becoming a freelance translator. Essential qualities for this sideline are self-discipline, drive and perseverance. At Flexjobs, hundreds of companies are looking for translators for one-off and regular tasks.

36) Content Marketing

Content marketing specialists are in great demand with both start-ups and established brands. Businesses and influential people need high quality, competitive content to build trust with their audiences and strengthen their brands. If you consider yourself a professional, you will have no problem finding customers, even those with a high profile. However, it’s best to start with small businesses. Do a few free tasks and ask the company owner to recommend you to their partners and suppliers. Once you’ve put together a good portfolio, you can start billing for your services and expanding your reach.

37) Modeling

Many companies, especially in the fashion industry, need people who represent and promote their brand. With this side bustle, there are several ways to go. You can sign a contract with a reputable agency yourself, find an agent or search for job vacancies. Modeling is a complex industry and you need to stick to its rules. Before you dive into this new world, find someone who can give you valuable advice on how to be successful and avoid common mistakes. A good idea is to focus on just one thing (videos, photography, etc.) and build a worthy portfolio in that particular area.

Marketing Business Ideas

38) Affiliate Sales and Marketing

If you have a well-functioning website that is generating target traffic, you can turn it into a powerful source of passive income by joining a large affiliate network (ShareASale, Rakuten, Clickbank, Skimlinks, etc.).

39) Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Every business needs a constant flow of potential customers. If you have marketing and SEO experience and know how to get people excited about a product or service, consider advising small businesses. For example, you can profile yourself as an SEO professional and help local companies to improve their search engine rankings.

40) Instagram Marketing

If you have an impressive number of subscribers on your Instagram account, then you can try promoting products and services related to your content. With good marketing skills and business intuition, you can make $ 100 to $ 1,000 per post (or even more!).

41) Podcasting

Do you have a dedicated podcast audience who find your content valuable? Use this to your advantage and find sponsors to develop your business idea. When you have an established pool of subscribers who regularly listen to your podcasts, you’re good to go. But if not, that’s fine. There is another way. Learn from people who have managed to create podcast-related content. For example, you can create texts or videos about how to create podcasts, how to monetize your audio content, etc.

42) Management of Social Media Pages

Let’s face it: who doesn’t spend hours wandering on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Instead of wasting your time aimlessly, monetize your expertise in the field. Many companies (especially startups) and influential individuals need bright minds to promote their brands on social media.

43) Creation of Landing Pages

Do you know how to write amazing text and create beautiful, SEO-conscious landing pages? Don’t waste any more time; start getting paid for your skills! Starting a small landing page starts at several hundred dollars. A pretty good extra income, don’t you think?

44) Tasks on Fiverr

Fiverr is an ideal place for aspiring freelancers who want to build a worthy portfolio before going flat out. You have to do simple tasks for a small fee, e.g. create a logo, make a video, etc.

45) Real Estate Advice

The real estate market is currently on an upward trend. People are selling and buying houses, apartments and other premises. This creates multiple opportunities to make money. If you see yourself as an expert in the legal, financial and economic aspects of real estate, you can earn good money with individual advice in your region.

46) Ads on Vehicles

How do you make money with your car? The easiest way is to join Uber or Lyft. If passenger driving is not your thing, you can consider placing advertisements on your vehicle. Here’s how you can make $ 100 to $ 600 a month by literally doing nothing. Regardless of make and age, your car (or minibus) is a perfect place to advertise goods and services. Sounds attractive? Find out more under Wrapify or Carvertise!

47) WordPress Websites

When setting up their online presence, many small businesses start with a standard website that runs on WordPress. Once the company has figured out what their website should look like, they feel the need to customize it to suit their specific goals and preferences. Starting a WordPress website starts at several hundred dollars. If you have the patience to master all of the ins and outs of WordPress, you have every chance of acquiring a valuable, and most importantly, profitable skill.

48) Outsourced Customer Support

Some companies find it easier to outsource customer service to outside companies or freelancers who work from home. Register with Upwork or a similar platform and browse multiple market offers. If you have a great deal of experience working with clients and good management skills, you can even build a team and start your own business. You can also advise both companies and individuals. As you can see, this industry is full of money making opportunities.

Business Ideas for Photographers

49) Portrait photography

Happy owners of high quality cameras can try their hand at portraits. It’s a great idea for a creative, flexible part-time job. Practice by taking close-up photos of friends and family members. So you can create a portfolio, keep an overview and master the subtleties of the editing process. Once you feel more confident, you can start loading portraits and family photos.

50) Wedding photography

Every couple wants to capture one of the happiest days of their lives. Can you really remember a wedding without a photographer? We don’t do that. Wedding photographers, aware of its importance, rate their services highly, and by “high” we mean from $ 500 to $ 1,500 and up. To start a successful photography career, visit Complete Wedding Photographer Experience. In this all-inclusive course, you will learn how to create a business plan, find new customers, get free marketing, and much more.

51) Photo holdings

If you’re a fan and creator of beautiful stock photography, you might get the idea of ​​selling your work on photo stocks, like Unsplash, ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, and others. Every time someone downloads your photo, you earn a royalty. If you have bigger plans, you can start your own website, publish your portfolio (make sure it’s a good one), and work directly with companies and individuals.

Travel and Fitness Business Ideas

52) Travel Advisor

Can’t imagine your life without traveling? Do you know how to get the best value for money? Then it seems like a great business idea to share your knowledge with others. Ask friends to refer you to anyone they know. Create a travel group on Facebook or LinkedIn and invite people who want to find out about ticket sales, hotel recommendations and tips on how to turn a normal trip into an unforgettable adventure.

53) Travel Guide

Do you live in a place that has significant historical sites or natural wonders? Are tourists and travelers a frequent occurrence in your area? If you are a good storyteller and communicator, guided tours of your city and its surroundings can become both an enjoyable hobby and an additional source of income. To be successful as a tour guide you have to love the place you live and know a lot about it.

54) Fitness Trainer

Fitness and wellness are becoming more and more important in our life. Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and vital? If you have a fair share of charisma and business intuition, you can try working as a personal fitness coach in your spare time. It will be healthy for you as well as your bank account. Once you have a large pool of happy customers and a brilliant reputation, you can choose coaching as your main assignment.

55) Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Yoga is here to stay. People will always need professional yoga teachers to help them get in shape and stay on track. What could be better than helping people find a balance between mind and body and getting paid to do it?

Event Management Business Ideas

56) Professional organizer

If you are good at organizing things and helping other people, you can find your calling in professional organization. Today as people cut down on consumption and review their buying habits, you will easily be making $ 50 to $ 125 an hour. Just think about it. Probably the biggest benefit of this part-time job is that you don’t need any startup capital. Your prospects include shopaholics with loads of unneeded items that they bought on the whim. Today, more and more people are looking for personal assistants to help them put their lives in order. Plus, you can do this part-time job at night and on weekends when your customers are at home.

57) Wedding planning

Weddings, like birthdays, happen over and over again. They are a steady source of money making opportunities for companies selling clothes and jewelry, restaurant owners, photographers, videographers, singers, florists, tour operators, artisans, etc. By bringing multiple suppliers together into a single network, you can offer all inclusive wedding packages. For a newlyweds, buying such a package means saving a lot of time and nerves. Of course, this type of business requires high investments, but the profits can exceed your wildest expectations.

58) Event management

If you’re looking for something bigger than wedding planning, this minor matter might be for you. Event planners manage seminars, workshops, baptisms, birthdays, concerts, conferences and many other events. Here are a few tips for those looking to try their hand at this demanding business. Also, here are some objective insights into the pros and cons of the job.

59) DJ

If you want to improve your music production and mixing skills, you can work as a DJ at local performances. If everything is going well, you should think about making it a full-time occupation. However, this is not a part-time job where you can start over. To be successful, you need to be a real professional in sound design, mixing, music, and copywriting.

60) Seasonal Decorations

Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day…. Holidays encourage people to dig deeper into their pockets and pamper loved ones (and, of course, themselves). It is the time of heavy shopping trips. You might want to consider the idea of ​​making seasonal decorations. If you do some research you would be surprised to find out how much money people are spending on these kinds of things. For example, Americans spent about $ 1.04 billion on Christmas trees alone in 2014! Just think of the number! In addition to the Christmas trees, there are lights, baskets, wreaths and a variety of other decorations.

61) Dance Teacher

Let’s be honest. Most people love to dance, although some of them will never admit it. Dancing is good for both the soul and the body. If you’ve had to give up your dance ambitions for a more stable office job, you have a second chance to do what you really enjoy. Make sure to work as a dance teacher in your spare time. With due care and hard work, you can make a few hundred dollars a week. A good addition to your main income, don’t you think?

Business Ideas for the Car

62) Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are the two big companies that provide taxi services around the world. If you have a car, you can join one of these systems and work as a driver in your spare time. The biggest advantage of this sideline is that you can always work when you are in the mood. However, take the time to calculate the cost (gasoline, tires, etc.) to see if your bank account can handle your outside business.

63) Car wash

Many car owners do not have the time to take care of their vehicles and keep them clean. Your help can be needed here. The start-up costs don’t put your bank account at risk: you’ll need to buy soap, polish, a bucket, sponges, hose, and a few other accessories.

64) Selling and Buying cars

If you are passionate about cars, you can get involved in the auto trade professionally. It’s a great startup idea provided you have some capital and enjoy taking risks. The auto trade is based on a simple rule: buy cheap, sell at a higher price. As you may have guessed, your profits will depend entirely on your business idea. What is most valued in this industry is the ability to find profitable deals and minimize your time investment. Refining your skills in this area takes time and effort, but the results can be worthwhile.

More Creative and Profitable Business Ideas

65) Business consulting

Having an in-depth knowledge of a particular line of business and having reliable references is a great way to make good use of your free time by consulting local businesses and helping them with tough questions. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise (marketing, PR, production, business strategies, etc.), you are sure to find companies that will pay you for your professional advice. Your key to success is positioning yourself as an expert in order to gain the trust of potential customers and differentiate yourself from the competition.

66) Sales of cell phone cases

The cell phone accessories market is growing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing down. The sale of handmade cases has the potential to generate six-figure sales. To ensure a successful start, prepare to put a lot of effort into analyzing the market and developing a solid business strategy.

67) Commission sales

If you’re good at building relationships and selling things to customers, commission sales can be special. Many companies (especially startups) are looking for mid-term sellers. Develop your sales strategies for different markets and improve your skills in your spare time. You receive a commission for every successful business. The more products or services you sell, the better for your bank account!

68) Postcard writing

Do you sometimes have a flash of inspiration when you are in a poetic mood? Do you know that some publishers pay $ 300 for a medium-sized poem? Seems like a dream job to us! Remember, not all potential employers will like your job. Denial is an integral part of the process.

69) Patents

This business idea is not for everyone. In order to earn money with patented products, a specific mix of qualities is required. For example, Kia Silverbrook from the USA has registered 4,665 patents, and the number continues to grow! You don’t have to invent a life changing product, however. The main thing is to come up with a useful idea that will sell at a competitive price.

70) Electronics Repair

People tend to throw away their broken phones, laptops, and cameras without even figuring out what’s wrong with them. If you consider yourself a technician, you can breathe new life into dead equipment and resell it. This is both a financially rewarding and environmentally friendly side effect.

71) Resale of Electronics

Electronics stores are getting rid of a lot of valuable products, from printer cartridges to laptops. If you’re okay with digging through the trash, you can build up pretty good extra income.

72) Repair of Clothes and Makeup

Fashion has always been a trending industry that welcomes all things that are risky and innovative. There is hardly any other field that is more open to experimentation. If you’re good at repairing and making old clothes, you can count on a steady stream of customers looking to save money on new clothes or create their own unique style. To get started in this niche, you will need around $ 2,000. If you have less, don’t worry. Your most important asset is your ability to work wonders with a needle and thread.

73) Invest your own Funds

Keeping your money in a stocking or complaining about the tiny interest on your savings account are both unreasonable. Why not find a better value for your money? Investing your funds is a difficult endeavor, with many factors to consider. Start by analyzing the securities market. This will be your first step to success.

74) Investing Other People’s Funds

Helping people grow their capital is a great way to fatten up their own bank account. If stocks and finances are your elements, you can offer advice on smart ways to invest in money, both short and long term. If your referrals prove to be effective, you will earn a pretty good commission.

75) Bookkeeping

Many companies prefer to outsource activities that are not at the core of their industry. Sometimes this is a wise decision that will allow them to cut costs and improve opportunities for growth. The most commonly outsourced tasks include marketing, human resource management, accounting, IT operations, etc. Skilled accountants are essential for any business that needs help with financial reporting and planning. If you are good at working with numbers, this might be the path for you.

76) Care for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly requires several documents confirming your skills and entrepreneurial status (licenses, training certificates, tax returns, etc.). The list of documents depends on the country you plan to work in, the type of care offered and other factors. Remember that this profession is both emotional and time consuming. Make sure you are fit for this type of job before you begin collecting the required documents.

77) Computer Repair

If you’re a tech fanatic, monetizing your skills by repairing PCs and laptops from the comfort of your own home. If everything goes smoothly, you can grow your business and build your own team of professionals. For customers who live far away from you, you can offer technical support online or via video call.

78) Computer Knowledge

It cannot be denied that computers make our lives better and offer access to a wide range of possibilities. Today, literally everyone, including children and the elderly, needs to know how to use the computer. Find out about the most important educational platforms (Codecademy, Treehouse, Udacity, etc.) and see how popular computer literacy courses are. If you are a computer pro it would be a mistake not to make money off this trend. You can teach at home, start an online course (think YouTube or Udemy), or start your own website with online payment options.

79) Walks the Dog

Dogs are beautiful and loyal companions. Unfortunately, their owners don’t always have the time to look after their four-legged friends. If you like dogs, make money just by walking other people’s pets. Dog walking is a thriving business in the United States, where people spend half the day in the office. There is even a special application called Wag that brings dog owners and walkers together.

80) Individual Furniture Production

What could be better than getting paid to do what you really enjoy? Jacob Haas from Soteria Designs is one of those lucky people. Jacob makes furniture and decorations from high quality wood. Today people tend to personalize everything they use and create their own style. Because of this, making bespoke home furnishings is a potential gold mine worth exploring.

81) Handmade Jewelry

If you’re a fan of bespoke jewelry, you must know the names of Maddie Bradshow from M3 Girl Designs and Bella Weems from Origami Owl. These girls have managed to build their own brands that offer unique bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other stunning masterpieces. With an annual growth of five to six percent, the handmade jewelry market is open to new talented masters with fresh ideas and bold visions.

82) Public Notaries

Public notaries verify the identity of signers of important documents, such as title deeds, wills, commercial contracts, etc. They also ensure that the signers are aware of the contents of the documents. Different types of documents require a notarized signature or stamp so there are many ways to make money. If you enjoy order and organization in everything you do, this secondary thought might be for you. Before you begin, be sure to check out the list of public notary public requirements in your country.

83) Local Sporting Events

Are you a social and open-minded person who cannot imagine life without exercise? Amateur sports activities in parks and on campus are great ways to have fun and make extra cash.

84) Individual T-shirts

Selling custom t-shirts is a profitable business that has been on trend for quite some time. The industry encompasses all types of actors, from small local producers to huge factories. How about jumping on the bandwagon and making some money on the side? If you decide to make T-shorts with custom prints, prepare to forget about your free time for a while. This business requires a thoughtful development strategy and absolute commitment.

85) To Shovel Snow

In addition to joy, delicious food and family gatherings, the Christmas season brings snow. A lot of snow. Almost every year people have to get rid of piles of snow that make the roads impassable. Clearing snow from driveways and backyards is a smart seasonal job idea, provided you have the physical stamina to do it.

86) Tailored Rlothing

Platforms that sell bespoke clothing (e.g. Etsy) are becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger people. In creating unique clothes and decorations, you are sure to find buyers for your amazing work. Over time, designing clothes can even become your full-time job. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creative potential!

87) Antiques Restoration

Seems like the best days of the antique market are over. However, if you have a taste for old things and know how to make them glow again, then you should give it a try. To start restoring antiques at home, you will need several thousand dollars to equip your workplace and buy tools and materials. Beginners should avoid buying expensive equipment. It’s best to rent it and focus on your craft instead.

88) Delivery by Bike

Believe it or not, some bicycle suppliers make more than nine to five office workers. Uber, WunWun, Amazon and other large companies are battling for supremacy in this fast-growing market. If you own a reliable bike, you can make pretty good money just riding around town. It’s good for your health and your bank account!

89) Career Counselor

Do you know how to get a high paying job with good career advancement? Do you have any useful tips on how to pass an interview or get a raise? Some people are willing to pay generously for their expertise. You can start your own blog with valuable tips. Alternatively, you can sign up with specialized platforms (The Muse, Coach Me, etc.) where people look for mentors to help them build successful careers. Prepare to work for free until you get the right experience. Focus on helping people get workable results. As soon as you have convinced yourself of your strengths, you can start the fee-based consultation.

The Best Business Ideas of 2021

90) Smartphone Pockets

The cell phone case market is expected to be a whopping $ 121.72 billion in 2025. Along with the cases, there is a wide variety of products available to suit all imaginable needs so you are sure to find your niche.

Even though the industry has multiple smartphone case vendors, there is still a place for new gamers. Spend a few hours on AliExpress studying different categories of products. You can resell cell phone cases (iPhone, Samsung), wallets and much more. Women prefer cases with floral, animal and lace patterns. Battery cases are an indispensable accessory for business people who travel a lot. Identify your target audience and go for it!

91) Selfie Drones

The drone market is booming. It is predicted that 600,000 drones will explore the airspace above our heads in 2021. Seems to be a very promising industry to us! If you decide to sell drones, count millennials who love to take pictures of everything around them. In this market, the way you promote your product can build or destroy your business. Focus on the visuals and attract potential clients with beautiful photos you took with your selfie drone. If you sell toy drones, show children and their parents how fun it can be to operate such a device. Other options include agricultural drones for monitoring crops, drones for filming weddings and commercial projects, etc.

92) HIIT equipment

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a new way to get fit fast, burn more fat, and improve endurance. HIIT is a business idea that holds its own among the top fitness trends and should be considered. HIIT workouts require a wide variety of accessories, including weights, skipping ropes, rugs, and more.

Forget about AliExpress. You won’t find anything HIIT related there. Take the time to visit other websites that offer HIIT equipment at great prices.

93) Smartwatch Watches

Smartwatches are devices that combine advanced technology and sophisticated style. AliExpress has a stunning selection of smartwatches for every audience, from sports fans to those with cardiovascular diseases. Watches with built-in GPS are an indispensable accessory for those who like to travel and participate in outdoor activities. Choose your niche, combine your smartwatch with a smart marketing strategy and off you go!

94) Mirrorless Cameras

Although most people are very happy with their smartphone photos, there is a steady demand for professional mirrorless cameras. In contrast to other cameras, mirrorless cameras are lighter and take up less space. They are an ideal option for people who are tired of carrying around bulky devices. If you are selling mirrorless cameras, emphasize and showcase their advantages over DSLR cams. You also need to create high quality, compelling content that explains why customers should prefer your product over smartphone cameras.

95) Wireless Headphones

Advanced technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) make wireless headphones an increasingly attractive high-end product that gives the term comfort a whole new meaning. The easiest way to do this is to resell headphones from AliExpress. (Incidentally, many suppliers have free delivery.) What should you watch out for when building your own brand? First, create quality text content through wireless headphones and the different categories of consumers who use them. Second, make sure you show how easy it is to use your product. Make a professional video showing people using wireless headphones on a daily basis.

96) Beard Oil

Did you know the male grooming services market is growing by $ 6 billion a year? This trend cannot be overlooked. Since beards seem like a new trend in young men, we would like to draw your attention to beard oil. Although very competitive, the beard oil market is still open to new players with unique selling points and promotional strategies. In addition to beard oil, you can also sell other men’s skin care products, including night creams, wash gels, shaving cream, lip balms, and more. To build trust with potential customers, take a series of before and after photos that show how effective your products are.

97) Power Bank

With the Oberlo dropshipping service, you have no problem finding power banks from different manufacturers. To promote your products, you can combine SEO marketing with Facebook ads. Make sure to expand your range with other must-have accessories such as smartphone cases. With a sophisticated approach, your online smartphone accessories store can become a very lucrative business.

98) Backpack / String Bags

A steadily growing backpack market is another attractive part-time job. Over the years, backpacks have become an essential accessory for people of all ages and backgrounds, from office workers to travelers. This trend is supported by the steadily growing demand for classic men’s backpacks, elegant women’s backpacks, string bags and more. As you can see, there are several audiences that you need to target. Don’t forget to add suitcases to your lineup.

Instagram and Facebook are the best platforms to promote these types of products. To be in time for the new school season, start your marketing campaign in July or August.

99) Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you are considering your own startup, cat eye sunglasses selling could be the right idea for you. With a recent surge in sales, it would not be an exaggeration to call this niche the new Eldorado. More than 3.5 million cat eye sunglasses are sold around the globe each year. If you concentrate on the production of cat-eye sunglasses, you can expand your range with other trendy accessories (watches, scarves, etc.). This is a smart way to ensure consistent sales all year round.

When it comes to advertising sunglasses, looks are crucial. That is why Instagram should be your first choice. Find a fashion-related Instagram account with a strong customer base. Discuss the terms of cooperation with the account holder and offer him a percentage of the turnover. To attract fans of other brands of sunglasses, consider posting ads on Facebook.

100) Baseball Caps

A few years ago, baseball cap sales skyrocketed and are now still on the rise. With more than 43 million caps sold worldwide each year, the money making opportunities here are obvious.

101) Bodysuits

Formerly considered underwear, bodysuits have now reached new fashionable heights and have become a hot trend. Today women are increasingly using body suits as tops. The retail trade offers a breathtaking selection of bodysuits for both everyday and evening wear. While sales are consistently high all year round, bodysuit sales are booming on Halloween.

102) Music teacher

Is music your passion? Then how about advising others on music production and sound design? Or teach them how to play musical instruments? Depending on their level of competence, private music teachers earn $ 20 to $ 100 per lesson and more. You can also use Skype with your customers if your industry doesn’t require face-to-face communication. Can you think of a better sideline to monetize your love of music?

Have we forgotten something?

Do you have any more intelligent ideas for extra income? Share them in the comments below! What Methods To Make Extra Money Have You Tried?


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