5 Best Small-Scale Farming Ideas


With the advent of latest technologies, the farming business on a large and small scale is generating more profit than ever. Technology has helped the farmers to use small spaces with maximum utilization. So now, the size of the farm doesn’t matter anymore to generate a good amount of profit. All that matters is, the input a person does to take care of the land he owns and use it in the best productive way.

If you own a small land and looking for farm business tips and ideas, this article is a must-read for you. You can your farm it in multiple ways to bring the best out of it:

1) Microgreens:

Microgreens excellent option for the small scale crops business. A microgreen is the starting stage of growth of the plants i.e. when the plant sprouts out from the seeds. These are the baby plants and baby vegetables. The age of the plants is not more than 14 days and their height it a maximum three inches tall. It has more turnover as it looks visually appealing when used in restaurants. The customers love their flavors as these are more fresh and flavourful. It’s also a pack of nutrition used for garnish purposes and in salads too.

The best part of microgreens is a short time to grow, high demand by restaurants and customers and little investment to start the venture. Some of the microgreens can be grown indoors too. You can grow it in small trays and in a very small space.

2) Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are a very profitable, low space and low effort-consuming crop. It can easily be grown anywhere, requires less maintenance and it can survive in the harsh conditions so that’s why it’s an easy-going crop. It’s so simple to grow that stubble left after the harvest of crops is also used for the cultivation of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are more profitable when you know which types of mushrooms are to be grown. Mushrooms are in high demand for the restaurants as it is used in a lot of cuisine and salads. It is also used for medical purposes. So make sure that you grow the right type of mushrooms as some kinds of mushrooms are deadliest too. Oyster and shiitake mushrooms are the most demanding type.

Mushrooms take very little effort and time to cultivate. It takes a maximum of 6 weeks to grow and to harvest. Also, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors too. It’s a four-season crop and the demand for mushrooms is never-ending.

3) Keep farm snails:

One might think that it’s a gross recommendation to keep the snails but in real, snail keeping is an excellent idea for small scale farming. People might think that snails are useless pests but, in real snails are a worthy creature.

Heliciculture is the farming of snails and it’s high in demand. It is even exported to many regions where the conditions for snails keeping is not favorable. Snails are edible and people from different regions love their flavor and texture. The return from snail-keeping is very high. It is also exported in frozen and alive form. Snails are used for medical purposes too. It has been used to suck out dirty human blood from the body for ages. Its slime is used in the cosmetics industry.

Snail farming is a bit effort-based and you need to monitor certain things for their survival. The temperature should be moderate for them, the soil should be rich and deep enough for them to lay eggs, sufficient green food and water supplies. They are peaceful livestock which doesn’t take a lot of space, smells bad or makes noise.

4) Bee keeping:

Apiculture or bee keeping is another highly profitable small scale business that gives a return in a short period. It is also a hobby for bee lovers. You can convert your hobby into a profitable business with little effort and time. Start your business with small beehives and gradually expand it. The capital needed for it is very low. Sell this sweet gold produced by the bees to the market as demand for honey by the stores and consumers is never-ending.

Its by-products are also used for many purposes. Its beeswax, bee pollen, and royal jelly are also sold in good prices. Bee wax is sold to the companies as it is used in making candles, soaps etc.

Beekeeping is profitable in warm-season especially because bees make a lot of honey in summers. Bees not only provide the most amazing natural sweet but also helps in the pollination process. Beehives can be fixed or moved anywhere and require low maintenance.

5) Keeping chickens:

If you have a small area and you want to utilize it in the best possible way, keeping chickens for meat and eggs is amazingly profitable. It’s an attractive investment for the owners of the farms and off course, the freshness of the eggs from your own farm is unmatchable. The demand for poultry is consistent and four seasons.

There are some points to be kept in mind before starting this business. You need to vaccinate all your hens to save them from poultry diseases. If your primary purpose of buying hens for egg-laying, buy hens around 18 weeks as they are ready to lay eggs in that age. They lay eggs for one year and later be used as Cullen hens. Those can be used either for meat or can be sold in the market and new hens can be bought in the same amount. These hens can be sold to restaurants and consumers. The poultry farm requires regular cleanliness and care because chicken is sensitive.

Other than the aforementioned farm business tips, you can keep dairy animals, grow herbs and vegetables, grow hydroponics, make a fish farm,  pet animal farm, and make a tree nursery and much more. It all depends on the climate of your area, the availability of resources, license, and demand of the market. Hope this list of farming is helpful for you to start your business.


  1. Hi James George,

    These small scales farming business tips are really useful. I live in UAE and looking forward to starting a farming business.

    I am really glad to come across this article while searching for tips and ideas.



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