Best Swimming Dog Breeds


Some dogs hate water, and there are those who not only love water but love swimming. These furry creatures aren’t bothered by water and will seek every opportunity to just be in a pool, river, lake, etc. Most of these canines were bred for activities such as hunting, retrieving, rescuing, etc. which has made them familiar with working in H2O.

If you are into swimming, boating, hunting, etc. there are several breeds on Holistapet that you can choose from. However, to make your job easier, we have selected the very best swimming dog breeds.

Let’s meet them, shall we?

1. American Water Spaniel

When you see “Water” as part of a dog’s name, then you should know that such a canine is born to swim. This is exactly the case with this breed. This little-sized canine is just large enough to serve as a skiff or canoe hunting companion.

It is very energetic and eager. Since it is a cousin to the Wisconsin-bred water dog and has both spaniel and retriever characteristics, it can work in any kind of water. Hence, working in great lake marshes or icy expanses is no problem. An interesting thing is that it is quite rare.

2. Irish Water Spaniel

Another Spaniel breed finds itself on our list. Among other spaniel breeds, this breed is among the oldest and largest. Its coat naturally repels aqua allowing it to swim gracefully.

This dog is intelligent, eager, and has great endurance which makes it a resourceful gundog. It is proficient when it comes to hunting waterfowl. His lovable nature makes it a wonderful companion.

3. Boykin Spaniel

This Spaniel is a favorite among waterfowl and wild turkey hunters. Its medium size allows it to actively hunting for these games effectively. Visit to learn how to train your furry companion to hunt.

His active nature is most suitable for an equally active family. The Boykin Spaniel is eager, trainable, and lovable. Don’t try to compete with this mutt when it comes to how long you both can stay in the pool because you’ll always lose.

4. Spanish Water Dog

This Spanish pooch is a great herding dog. One would not have expected it to be ranked among the best swimming dog breeds, but here we are. This breed is not only capable of herding cattle, but it can hunt on land as well as on water.

A sturdy and athletic breed; this canine loves working and any owner who adopts him should be ready to provide him with enough activities and tasks to keep him happy.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

This athletic and intelligent breed is regarded as a fisherman’s friend in his country of origin, Portugal. It has web feet which is an indication of its design to swim. This furry creature needs a lot of attention and exercise and loves it best if all that is done in a body of water.

It is commonly used for fishing as a “herding” dog for moving fish into the fisherman’s nets. They can also jump into the water to bring back lost equipment or broken nets.

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6. Labrador Retriever

The Lab is the most well-known dog in the United States of America. Click here to see how long it has been in the number 1 spot. The initial reason why it was bred was to bring back waterfowl that had been shot by hunters. In most cases, the conditions for retrieving the game were difficult, but this hound always succeeded.

It is perfect as a sporting or family four-legged friend; provided it is given the chance to swim regularly. The Labrador Retriever doesn’t mind going back and forth into a river all day carrying out retrieving duties.

7. Flat-Coated Retriever

The coat of this retriever is very beautiful but also functional. The coat aids in protecting the dog from harsh weather conditions and icy rivers. This is not a surprise given the region this hunting dog works in. It can work on water as well as land.

This breed is energetic, happy, and a water lover. No matter how old it becomes, it has the behavior of a puppy in the sense that it is always ready to play.

8. Barbet

While this French dog has been popular as far back as the 16th century, it is still quite rare in America. This canine is energetic, outgoing, and friendly.

The reason it is on this list is that it doesn’t seem to be able to resist water and that even includes muddy swampy tracts. Well, little wonder it got the nickname “mud dog”. (We hope that’s not offensive to dogs as “mud blood” is to none wizarding folks).

9. Otterhound

To know what this dog was raised for, just separate its name into “Otter” and “hound”. You get it right? Well, if you don’t; it was used to hunt otters. This dog is quite rare, but any owner who has one knows how friendly, affectionate, and humorous this big canine can be. Its webbed feet and coarse double coat make it the strong swimmer it is known to be.

10. Lagotto Romagnolo

If you can’t pronounce the name, we’ll spare you. For a breed as ancient as this, a shroud of mystery should still be preserved. This dog is regarded as the ancestor of all water canines.

It was used in hunting waterfowl in time past, these days; it is used for hunting truffles. It is recognized as the sole purebred expert truffle searcher. Despite being used for truffle hunting, it is still a capable swimmer. We can only assume that other water breeds took swimming lessons from this dog.


The above are the ten best swimming dog breeds. Which of them are you going for? Feel free to let us know.


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