5 Best Tips for Planning a Corporate Event


Planning a corporate event is guaranteed to be a stressful affair, especially if you’ve never managed a project of this magnitude on your own before. With infinite details to consider, and all of your normal work duties demanding your attention, you can quickly become overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there are five simple strategies that you can employ to simplify this process, even as you ensure a truly spectacular outcome.

1) Get Outside Help

It’s important to know when to outsource. Hiring the right corporate event planning service can instantly alleviate all of the stress surrounding this task. Professionals can handle all aspects of this process while carefully adhering to your goals, specifications, and budget. Not only is this a tremendous time-saver, but it can also result in significant savings as well. Event planners have access to the best venues, and they’ve taken the time to build massive networks of suppliers and service providers that will help them streamline this project from end to end.

2) Set Goals for Your Event

Corporate events usually have a very specific, underlying purpose. In some instances, this can be as simple as bringing the entire team together to build morale and to show everyone that they’re valued. This might be an effort in team building or training, or an attempt to restate the vision, mission, and overarching goals of your company. Once you know what you hope to accomplish, it will be much easier to target the right venues, speakers, and other provisions for bringing your goals to fruition. If you’re working with a professional planner, you can get help in stating and refining your goals. This is done to ensure that your company gets good overall returns on its investment.

3) Break the Entire Project Down Into Manageable Objectives

If you’re reticent to hire this job out to a third-party, spend some time breaking the work down into small and manageable objectives. For instance, you might want to start by picking and booking a venue. You can then check out the provisions that are made in your venue rental agreement, and can make a list of the services and items that you’ll have to source from other companies. Not only will this make the entire task seem less overwhelming, but it will also allow you to set a feasible schedule for getting everything done in a timely fashion. If you are managing the event of 100 pax in Sydney then must visit the auditorium hire Sydney.

4) Set Your Budget and Stick to It

Spending for any event can easily spiral out of control, especially if no advance plans have been made for limiting your costs. Event planners can help you establish a feasible budget, or you can always look at the records and receipts for any events that your company has held in the past. Just like at home or your business, make sure that no potential expense is overlooked when planning your corporate event budget. Account for food and entertainment, parking provisions if necessary, venue rental costs, marketing, and more.

5) Whittle Down Your List of Attendees

Your attendee list doesn’t necessarily have to include everyone in the company. Once you’ve defined your goals for this occasion, make a list of the people that are necessary for achieving these goals. Determine whether or not you want your attendees to bring guests, whether these are their spouses or other immediate family members. Keep in mind that your costs will invariably increase with every person who shows up. The best way to limit your food budget and to secure a sufficiently large venue at a reasonable cost is by keeping your guest list as modest as possible.

6) Always Have a Backup Plan in Place

Every good event planner, whether professional or amateur, takes the time to account for last-minute problems. Your venue rental might fall through, or your entertainment might back out at the last minute. You may discover that half of your attendees are vegan, right after you’ve paid the deposit for the world’s best barbecue catering. Having backups for every aspect of this project will ensure that unexpected developments don’t have the power to derail your plans entirely.


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