Best Tips to Looking Young and Slowing The Aging Process


Did you know you could actually control how well you age? There are many factors that go into how quickly your body will age, some are genetic which means you cannot control them, but the majority of them are environmental and just how well you take care of your body. Here are some factors that can make you age quickly and some things you can do to prevent that.

Proper Amount of Sunlight

If you spend hours everyday in the sun, your skin will quickly become weathered. If you were to look at photos of two different people- someone who stayed inside all their life, versus someone who worked in the sun everyday, there would be a dramatic difference to their skin. Getting vitamin D through sunlight is vital to our health but too much of it will take a toll on our skin. Making sure you get just the right amount- about 15-20 mins every day will help your skin to not age so quickly, and reduce the amount of potential sun spots and wrinkles.

Vitamin C Through IV Vitamin Therapy

Topical Vitamin C is scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles through helping the elastin in our skin and producing collagen. Vitamin C internally helps prevent damage from free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are toxins that are harmful and will cause your body to be in poor health and age faster. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to cleanse our bodies of those toxins.

While taking an oral vitamin can help, IV vitamin therapy is much more powerful and will work much more quickly. Oral vitamins must pass through the digestive system which causes our bodies to pee out the majority of the vitamins, but vitamins taken intravenously will go straight to the bloodstream and the body will absorb all of it.

Limiting Makeup to Special Occasions

Women love to dress up and look their best, but make-up is actually causing their skin to age much more quickly. Makeup can be harsh on your skin, and we are so rough on our faces while trying to remove the makeup at night. When we pull hard on our face to apply the makeup, and take it off, we are stretching our skin and actually making ourselves get wrinkles and fine lines more quickly.

Eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods

A diet made up of inflammatory foods will speed up aging by shortening the length of something in our body called telomeres. Telomeres are found at the end of chromosomes and protect them during cell division. The shorter the length of a telomere, the older the cell, and older cells contribute to aging.

Inflammatory foods consist of: fried foods, processed foods, added refined sugars, etc. Anti-inflammatory foods consist of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts. Superfoods are the best which contain antioxidants which are foods like avocados, blueberries, spinach, eggs, and salmon.

Get in 8 Hours of Sleep a Night

Did you know that they call it “beauty sleep” for a reason? Yes! While we sleep, our body increases the production of collagen, which repairs our skin on a cellular level. When we skimp on our rest and quality sleep, our body is not able to repair itself through the night. Another reason why sleep is good for your body and aging is that when we are not sleep-deprived, we tend to stress less.

When our body has stress, we produce the stress hormone cortisol in our bloodstream. People that are exposed to chronic stress age rapidly. Stress also causes inflammation in the body which we learned earlier, causing us to age quicker. Another way to reduce the stress that would help would be exercising which produces endorphins.

Kicking The Bad Habits- Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking will really take a toll on your body in ways that are visible and ways that are not visible. These bad habits will definitely cause you to age much more quickly than if you were staying away from them. Did you know that the life expectancy of a smoker is 10 years shorter, and the lifespan of an alcoholic is 24-28 years shorter?


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