Four Industries In Need of Better Landing Pages for Its Audiences


Online marketing is a must no matter what type of business you own. However, some companies seem to lend themselves to landing pages that convert. If you land on a marketing page, you’ll note there are detailed landing pages, because the industry is fully aware of the importance of them. Other industries are behind the curve on figuring out what works to draw new leads in. No matter what industry you’re in, though, you need a solid landing page to drive site visitors through your sales funnel.

The average landing page converts around 2.35 percent, but you can achieve even higher rates with minor adjustments. Some industries are still fairly new to the online marketing game and in need of better landing pages to meet the specific needs of their target audiences. Fortunately, there are some things these types of companies can do to improve their pages and examples of what a strong landing page looks like.

1. Gyms and Fitness

In the past, many local gyms didn’t have a website, much less a landing page. However, with mega gyms such as Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness on the scene and with strong online presences, more gyms see the need for a strong page that draws in new members and keeps them coming back month after month. What exactly needs to go on a landing page for a gym and fitness website? For one thing, you must clearly present the value of joining your gym rather than one that only charges $10 per month, such as Planet Fitness.
You must find your unique value proposition (UVP) and show users what makes your gym a little better than the other options out there. Maybe you aren’t as crowded, or you provide a play area for the kids. Maybe you don’t have a problem with people lifting weights and grunting, but you also welcome people who want to improve their overall health. Think about what makes you unique and add that information to your landing page.

F3 Gym (Fit, Flex, Fly) has a great landing page that invites the user in. In addition to a video in the hero image position, the site claims to help you see results in 30 days, something attractive to most people. They then have a clear call to action (CTA) which invites the user to either “Start Now” or learn “How It Works.”

2. Home Improvement

The home improvement industry is another type of business that tends to target local consumers rather than nationwide. Because of this, many fell behind the curve in getting their online marketing programs in place. However, more and more people start their searches for local businesses online. In a survey of consumers, over 82 percent had conducted “near me” searches in the last month. Making sure your landing page is both optimized for your particular users and searchable in mobile queries is a combination that equals more conversions for your brand.

One particularly effective method with home service websites involves featuring some of your satisfied customers. You can use a video or typed testimonial, but try to highlight different aspects of your business, such as customer services and quality of work.

The Exterior Company has a landing page that sums up what they do in as few words as possible — a roof a day, a lifetime guarantee and how to get in touch with them. They run a video in the background which shows a homeowner calling them, smiling workers completing the job and a happy family after the job finishes. It sets the tone for their work and their attitude as a company.

3. Restaurants

When you think about landing pages, restaurants might not be the first thing that comes to mind. What goes on a landing page for a restaurant? You need to share some of the top dishes served, but how do you encourage people to come in and give you a try when they’ve never dined there before. When people dine out, they typically do so for the experience. Learn how to tap into the emotions of your target audience to receive more reservations.

Some of the things you should add to your restaurant landing page include daily specials, discounts and the ability to make reservations. Imagine you’re a potential patron and you land on the page for your restaurant. What would entice you to come in? An image of a mouth-watering culinary delight and the ability to confirm reservations with a single click is a must.

The 1894 Lodge features an image which fills the entire background above the fold. The image is of one of their culinary dishes and some of their craft beer. The image reflects the personality of the lodge — rustic and unique. The add a tagline about everyone knowing your name and some words to reflect that such as “Family,” “Food” and “Community.” You can then make a reservation or order online.

4. K-12 Education

Even though post-secondary institutions have long perfected the ability of marketing online, K-12 schools are a bit behind the game. People in the area automatically enroll their children in the school, so the need for online promotion seems to go to the back burner. However, there is more competition today in the form of charter schools like NYC Charter School, and landing pages are necessary to ease the process of registration and keep parents informed.

A school landing page might look a bit different than a business landing page but will have similar features such as a call to action (CTA) button. For example, the process of registering kindergartners for school used to be tedious. With today’s technology, parents can get the basic paperwork out of the way ahead of time and reserve the in-person time to get to know teachers and faculty at their child’s new school.

NYC Department of Education offers information on the enrollment process for parents of all grades and a special list of FAQs for kindergarten families. Since the city has users from all over, they use Google Translate to offer the page in multiple languages. Any question you have about kindergarten and the enrollment process is answered on this page.

Every Industry Needs Landing Pages

No matter what industry your brand falls in, you’ll need a landing page to speak directly to your target audience and best meet their needs. A landing page should be highly focused on the goal for the page and move users through a very specific journey. Test different features on the page until you find the perfect one for your needs.


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