Bitcoin – The Digital Money for Best Trade


To perform the extraction, you need to have dedicated software installed on your computer that searches for the correct alphanumeric hash string. The choice is not straightforward, because each cryptocurrency requires the adoption of cryptographic hash software that corresponds to the type of algorithm required.

Exchange and digital wallet

It is important to open a Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) wallet that holds cryptocurrencies and can be used for any transaction. One of the key features of cryptocurrency is that it exists only within the block system and is virtually inaccessible.

The wallet has the function to register the reference code associated with possession of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Therefore, the address corresponding to the end of the block is highlighted internally. Finally, if you want to convert cryptocurrencies to FIAT currencies, even if you convert the cryptocurrencies obtained through mining into another digital currency, you must subscribe to the Exchange platform to use them.

Two other important components of the mining process are the availability of electrical networks that operate computers and internet connections.

Direct mining

By addressing the process of mining cryptocurrencies and creating a computer with the appropriate hardware and software, it is possible to verify individual blocks directly. To do this, it is necessary to design highly shaped machines with considerable energy consumption. To know about the founder of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto

It is important not to underestimate your initial investment. If you want to win in mining, you need to use state-of-the-art technological tools such as new integrated circuits such as ASICS, acronyms that identify application-specific integrated circuits, and microchips designed to improve speed. How to compute each computer and run the hash algorithm as fast as possible.

Depending on how many ASICS you have in your system, you can calculate the hash of a block and make a profit. Obviously, the initial costs of energy costs, internet costs, maintenance, and device purchases should be deducted from this.

Mining pool

The presence of a large number of miners in the network has increased the problems posed by mining systems, allowing hardware to grow exponentially and continuously, increasing computing power.

From this perspective, a mining group was developed, a group of people who decided to share the computing power of individual computers and work together to generate greater mining capacity.

Joining these groups is very convenient because we work together to collaborate on the solution of the algorithms needed to close the block. Profit is split according to the hash rate generated by the hardware and the time spent in the group.

Network mining via the cloud

As we will see in a specific paragraph, the development of digital technologies and cloud systems has also influenced mining, and network shares can be used to improve computational power.

Bitcoin mining, graphics cards, energy consumption

The first form of cryptocurrency mining started in 2009 and was in the form of Bitcoin with CPU usage on home computers. The computing power was high, but one continuously operating device was sufficient. The increase in value and the number of bitcoins in transactions makes it harder to find the correct hash and close the blockchain, requiring more computing power.

As a result, we have moved from the CPU to a graphics processing unit called GPU. The acronym stands for Graphics Processing Unit, which is a more flexible system for the mining process because it is a graphics card chip that performs the calculations required by the algorithm. These cards are created to support the game’s 3D graphics and are therefore extremely expensive to calculate. Miners have applied them to allow mining bitcoins and digital currencies where the creation of certain microchips such as ASICs like Ethereum was unexpected.

Looking to the future around 2140 when the expected 21 million bitcoins will be created, no other cryptocurrency will be generated and from that moment the miners will only receive a prize commensurate with the confirmed transactions.

Then there is a proportion between the amount of bitcoins created and the premium related to transactions, just as bitcoins are programmed to decrease so in reverse proportion the premiums related to transactions increase. In particular, the amount of bitcoins expected for the creation of each block is halved every 210,000 blocks.


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