5 Ways to Boost your Start-up Business


When you own a start-up business – growth is always on the forefront of your mind.  How are you going to attract new customers?  How are you going to make those financial targets?  Here we have listed some ways as to how you can boost your start-up business and generate more revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels such as Facebook are now being used as search engines for users.  When they are looking for a product or service, you will find there is additional tools and functionality being added all the time to make it easier to get your brand noticed.  Not only can you showcase your products on your own business page, you can be innovative with Facebook lives, Facebook Marketplace and various other publishing tools.  You can also make use of Facebook groups, and advertise your services there.

Attend Networking Events

Networking can be a little scary for people who aren’t used to it – but it’s a great way to meet new connections.  You never know who you may meet at one of these events, so it’s always a good idea to have business cards on hand.  With some of the best networking events, you get the chance to pitch or educate fellow attendees about what you offer.  You also may meet people that could help you grow your business for example a web designer, accountant or marketing agency.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are more traditional in terms of advertising but are highly effective.  If going ahead with this method of marketing, it’s critical that you choose your spot carefully.  It should have a good footfall and be somewhere where your target market may be.  A billboard is visible 24/7, with no additional cost – and if it’s well designed, and you have a good campaign idea – will bring you in a lot of leads.

Do A Leaflet Advertising Campaign

This is another traditional form of marketing, however underrated these days.  Find a good print fulfilment company and look at their leaflet options.  Most Nashville printing companies will offer a graphic design service, so it’s an end-to-end service.  This can be a cost-effective marketing method particularly if you find a print fulfilment company that offers good rates for a reliable service and can arrange shipping to remote locations.  If your business has more than one venue, or you want to advertise in more than one area, this can be a great option.

Google AdWords Campaigns

If you are looking for quick leads, then you may want to start some Google AdWords campaigns.  You do need to allocate a little more marketing budget to this, as effectively you are paying Google for people to hop on your website when they type in relevant keywords.  You can, however, often get free credits that you can use when you set your account up.

If you are looking to growth hack your start-up business – then make sure you try some of these techniques.  There are lots of cost-effective ways to get in leads.


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