Branding for Emails- How to do it Right?


Email branding is all about creating a strong digital personality for your company. Branded emails make them more recognizable and increase engagement rates. Email branding builds a brand aesthetic and a voice that can not be easily replicated by your competitors. If you are new to email branding, you can use custom Mailchimp templates to experiment with visuals, voice, and aesthetics. Here are a few easy steps to branding your emails. 

How do you brand your emails right with simple steps?

  • Insert your logos in the right places

Having your own logo is one of the most important aspects of email branding. A logo at the top of the email makes it easier for the subscriber to recognize your brand. Your brand’s logo should be placed either at the top right corner or in the center of your header to increase visibility. Some brands even add a branded email signature to bring some consistency to their emails. Furthermore, with the introduction of BIMI email protocols, brands can now display their logos right next to the subject line in their subscriber’s inboxes.

Fort Myers inserts its conch shell logo in their promotion email. The logo is placed at the top and has a center alignment. To reinforce their branding, they have used the logo in the screenshot that they have used for their visuals. Apart from that, they have also used two types of custom fonts to draw the reader’s attention. The background color gently blends with the blue colors of the ocean making the template look calm and soothing. You can create such inspiring emails using custom Mailchimp templates.

  • Use a combination of consistent and custom fonts 

There is no denying that custom fonts can capture the reader’s attention quicker than any other element of the email. Custom fonts are also intriguing, and keep their eyes glued to the template. Such vibrant and loud fonts are good for headers, titles, and CTA buttons. But, constantly using them throughout your emails can fatigue the user’s senses and wear off novelty. Therefore, you also need a simple and consistent font for your email body. Try to use the same font as your website and blogs to maintain your branding across the platforms. Needless to say, keep a couple of fallback fonts for the custom fonts to maintain your brand aesthetics even if the custom fonts fail to render.

Twitch uses a unique custom font to intrigue the readers. Such custom fonts are difficult to recreate and make your emails stand out from the rest of your competitors. In the background, they have used color gradients to make the template more vibrant and suitable for their target demographics. The imagery used throughout the email also indicates the same.

  • Make your templates stand out with custom colors 

Just like fonts, custom colors add to the branding of your emails. Most brands use white colors for the background of their email templates which is why, for the subscribers, they are similar-looking and not unique. Using bold colors or brand colors helps your emails stand out the moment the subscriber opens them. In addition, you can use online tools to pick the colors directly from your logos and use them in your email template. 

Taco Bell’s engagement emails are one best example of using a custom color palette to fortify your mailing brand. The background and all the elements of the template are either colored with their iconic purple or in a shade of purple. Since this is one of the valentine’s day email templates, it also contains shades of pink. After establishing the initial impression, the email goes back to using a white background to make it easier for the subscribers to read the content.

  • Use attractive visuals and imagery

Visuals and hero images also draw the eyes of the customer while promoting your products. Retail eCommerce brands arrange high-quality photoshoots to get a hero image that aligns with their branding while highlighting their products. Instead of real-life photos, you can also use animated photos and visuals to highlight your brand’s aesthetics. Make sure that these visuals are consistent across all the platforms.

No other brand is as consistent with its imagery as Headspace. Headspace uses animated visuals with rounded corners and a smiling face to promote its mental wellness services. They also used pastel and soft colors to make their emails look calming and comforting.

  • Get a brand voice

You can also develop a brand voice that makes your email copy more identifiable. And, once you develop the appropriate brand voice, create frameworks to ensure that your copywriters follow it to create consistent outputs. Knowing your customer demographics is essential for creating a brand voice. The older audience may like a more formal tone, while the younger generation prefers a casual tone. The brand voice is also dependent on the type of product or service you are selling. Having a casual brand voice for luxury brands creates a mismatch that might be unappealing for the readers.

Google maintains a simple and concise brand voice in its templates. The email copy directly addresses the customer and promotes their products with facts and stats. Unlike other brands, Google is not afraid of directly stating the prices in its emails.


Before you set out to brand your email, you first need to understand your brand. Understanding your product, solutions, and customer demographics will help brand your emails in a way that will be appreciated by your readers.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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