DIY: How to Build a Custom TV Lift Using Motorized TV Mount?


Just a couple of years ago, it was believed that a TV mount is a luxury item. It was very expensive, and most people couldn’t afford it. Now, a TV mount isn’t something extraordinary anymore. Even if you cannot buy it, you can buy a motorized TV lift and build your TV mount with the specifications that you need.

Start with the Selection of the Right TV Lift

A correct TV lift is a detail that will determine the success of your project. While you can read more info on the manufacturer`s website, here, we will discuss the main moments.

Thus, when you are choosing a TV lift, it shall comply with the following requirements:

  • The unit shall be compatible with your TV size. The thing is that such units come with pre-drilled mounting holes. As long as the VESA standard value of your TV is smaller than the distance between the mounting holes, you can use the TV lift.
  • Another thing to consider is the travel length. If your aim is to hide your TV completely in the mounting location, the travel length of the lift shall be bigger than the TV size. However, if you aim to fix the TV lift on the wall to be able to lift and lower it, then, the travel length is not crucial.
  • There are TV models of different power. It is important to choose the one that can lift your TV-set. Thus, lifting power is also one of the important features to pay attention to. Consider that when you are choosing a TV lift, it is not enough just to check the TV-set weight. The lift needs to move the weight, not to support it in a static position. There is a special formula to calculate this value but if you aren’t sure about how to do it, ask a specialist.

Now, when we have discussed the main features to pay attention to, it is time to move to the installation procedures.

How to Install a TV Lift in a Cabinet

The simplest way to fix a TV lift is to make it in a cabinet. This option is fine if you don’t have enough space for a new TV-set but have a nice cabinet and don’t want to get rid of it. Don’t forget to check if it can accommodate the TV.

Another option is to order a cabinet and install a TV-set in a new furniture piece. In such a case, you can order it to be made with all the openings. It will save you some time.

If you want to install a TV lift in a cabinet, you can handle all the works on your own if you have the needed tools.

  • Thus, let us start.
  • Measure the TV size.
  • In the cabinet top, cut out an opening. Its size shall allow your TV to pass.
  • Now, install the TV lift on the bottom of the cabinet. Ensure that it is aligned with the opening in the top.
  • Install the TV-set on the lift. Test it. Adjust the opening in the top if needed. The TV-set shall be lifted and lowered effortlessly, without touching the cabinet top.
  • Once everything is tested, tighten the fixation screws of the TV lift.

If you want your cabinet to look perfect when the TV is hidden, put a cover on the opening. Install it on hinges. When being lifted, your TV will lift the cover. When the TV lift is in the retracted position, the cover will close automatically.

Don’t forget to arrange the cables. While many people prefer leaving them behind the cabinet, we recommend getting a cable management sleeve or a cable concealer to make a proper installation.

Now, your TV is ready to be used.

How to Install a Drop-Down TV Lift

If you prefer to have a drop-down lift, you need to consider more details. For example, the travel length shall be measured very accurately. If you install your TV lift so that the TV hides completely above the ceiling, the travel length shall be sufficient to do so. Also, here, you need to consider such a feature as viewing height. It is a height at which your TV-set has to stay while you are watching it.

You shall calculate the distance from the center of your TV in a comfortable viewing position to its highest position when the item is hidden. If you make a mistake, the TV-set might be sticking from the ceiling slot. It might make your room look weird. A too big travel length also adds issues. For example, you might need to install a special limit switch to make your item stop in the needed position.

However, if you want to install your TV-set on the wall, and you need it just to move up and down, this factor might be not so crucial. Nothing happens even if you make a mistake for a couple of centimeters.

More Details to Consider

If you choose to install a drop-down lift, especially if it is not a wall installation but a ceiling installation, you might need to hire a specialist. This is one of the most demanding installation types. If it fails, not only your TV-set will be damaged. Such a fall might cause health damage or even death. Therefore, if you don’t have the needed skills, we recommend asking a specialist for assistance.

Cabling is one more challenge that you will face during such an installation type. You need not only to fix the cables but to hide them behind the wall surface. Another option is to install a power source in an accessible place. However, whatever you choose, you will need to hire an electrician.

While in the case with a cabinet installation, it is easy to handle even for a non-specialist. It might not look perfect but usually, it doesn’t impact the safety too much.

Now, you know all ins and outs of a TV lift installation. Thus, get the needed TV lift, tools, read all the accompanying manuals and instructions attentively, and soon, you will be able to enjoy your own TV lift installation!


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